Police Beat

A weekly roundup prepared by the Anacortes Police Department.

October 3

An Anacortes man reported that someone broke into his van that was parked behind his business in the 900 block of 11th St. and stole a briefcase that contained the man’s identification, credit cards, business documents, and $100 in cash.  A window on the van was broken out to allow access.  Other items of value in the van were not taken, and the victim provided a name of a possible suspect.  The matter is under investigation. 

October 4

Friends of a 19-year-old Bend, Ore. woman called 911 because the woman complained of being cold and having cramps in her extremities.  The friends told the officer that they had been at a party and that the woman might have taken ecstasy.  The woman’s symptoms were not consistent with an overdose, but she was taken to the emergency room for examination.    

A resident of the 2200 block of Minnesota Ave. reported that someone had broken a solar powered yard light in her yard.  Her neighbor told her that she had heard breaking glass around midnight.  A portable toilet at a nearby construction site had also been overturned. 

A 13-year-old Anacortes boy reported that an 18-year-old Anacortes student had punched him in the nose while the two were on a school bus that was loading in the parking lot at the high school.  The boy reported that the older student was mad because he had sat in a seat that the older student usually sat in.  The boy later went to the emergency room where he learned his nose was broken.  The bus driver was contacted and the assault was recorded on the bus video system.  Contact with the suspect is pending.   

An Anacortes woman reported that she had been shopping a store in the 1500 block of Commercial Avenue and that she had left her purse in a shopping cart after loading items into her car.  The woman returned to the store and later and the purse had not been turned in.  The purse contained the woman’s wallet, approximately $400 in cash, and a jewelry bag containing assorted rings valued at over $20,000. 

An Anacortes man reported that his Toyota Camry had been stolen from a parking lot at his apartment complex in the 1100 block of 24th Street.  The victim reported that he had the vehicle keys, but that he was unsure if the car had been locked.  A short time later after it was broadcast that the car was stolen, it was learned that the car had been abandoned in Fife and towed to a tow yard.  The vehicle appeared to be undamaged and the victim said that he would retrieve his car. 

A couple residing in the 5600 block of Sugarloaf reported that their 14-year-old son had run away.  When they checked his room they found items of his mother’s jewelry that he had taken without permission.  The mother then inventoried her jewelry and discovered that she was missing a necklace valued at $9000.  They also discovered a debit card belonging to an Anacortes man who was later contacted and said that he believed he had lost the card.  The parents did a closer check of their valuables and discovered that they were missing a family heirloom ring and a gold coin.  The son had yet to be located and interviewed. 

An Anacortes woman reported that her 49-year-old daughter had assaulted the daughter’s 12-year-old son and then fled their house in the 700 block of Q Avenue.  The boy had a sore scalp and hair pulled from his head.  He told officers that his mother had called him names and dragged him by his hair across the living room.  Officers were unable to locate the woman and she was issued a court summons for domestic violence assault. 

Officers received a report of a possible DUI leaving a store parking lot in the 1100 block of 12th St.  An officer spotted the car weaving on 12th St. without its headlights on.  When the officer stopped the car, it jumped the curb before coming to a stop.  The driver was identified as a 23-year-old Anacortes man who smelled strongly of intoxicants.  An open can of beer was near the man and he displayed several signs of intoxication.  The man was uncooperative during field sobriety tests before finally swearing at the officer and trying to walk away.  The man was arrested for drunk driving and taken to the police station to be processed.  The man was uncooperative during the processing and would only repeatedly say that the officer had no reason to stop him.  The man refused a breath test and was cited for DUI and driving with a suspended driver’s license.  A records check also showed three previous arrests for DUI.  The man was booked into jail. 

Officers responded to a burglary in the 4300 block of Westwood Court.  The homeowner believed that the intruder was possibly still inside of her home.  The house was checked but no one was located.  Two mirror boxes valued at approximately $100 were discovered to be missing from the woman’s bedroom.  There was no sign of forced entry into the house and numerous items of value were undisturbed. 

October 5

A family living in the 3600 block of Malland Court reported waking up in the morning to find their rear sliding door standing open.  They reported that someone had entered their house during the night while they were sleeping and stole two purses containing identification, credit cards, a check book, and a small amount of cash.  Also stolen were two laptop computers valued at $400 each a $20 cell phone charger.  It was also learned that unauthorized attempts to use the victim’s ATM card had been made at two Mount Vernon locations.  The card had been successfully used at a Burlington gas station and the incident is under further investigation. 

A 24-year-old Seattle woman was stopped for speeding in the 1000 block of 11th St.  The driver smelled of intoxicants and admitted she had had “two beers.”  The woman agreed to perform filed sobriety tests and she gave a portable breath test sample over the legal limit.  She was arrested for drunk driving and later provided two breath test samples that were over the legal limit.  The woman was cited for DUI and released to a sober friend. 

October 6

Officers were dispatched to the report of a physical domestic dispute at a motel in the 2000 block of Commercial Avenue.  Officers spoke with a 30-year-old woman at a nearby residence who said that she and her 50-year-old husband had been arguing and that her husband had pushed her as she was loading one of their children into a car seat.  The woman said that her husband was intoxicated and that he then drove off in the car after she had removed the children from the car.  The woman said that the man had assaulted to her in the past.  The man was contacted outside of the motel room drinking a beer.  He denied pushing his wife, but he was placed under arrest for domestic violence assault and booked into jail. 

A 17-year-old Anacortes boy driving south on Heart Lake Road lost control of his vehicle trying to avoid a deer that was in the road.  The boy’s car ran off the road and struck a tree causing the boy’s head to hit the steering wheel and windshield.  The boy was transported to the emergency room for head and neck pain. 

October 7

Two 15-year-old Anacortes boys were arrested in the 900 block of 11th St. as they both had warrants for their arrests for failing to appear at Youth at Risk hearings.  They were both booked into Juvenile Detention. 

A man residing in the 1100 block of Longview Avenue reported that he was speaking with his neighbor near their mailboxes when the neighbor’s Pit Bull dog latched onto his arm without provocation.  The man suffered puncture wounds to his forearm.  The dog did not have current rabies shots and had to be tranquilized and muzzled before the Animal Control Officer was able to handle it and take the dog to be quarantined.  The dog’s owner faces possible charges for the dog being loose and not having a license. 

An Anacortes girl reported that while she was handing a $20 bill to her friend in front of the high school, a 14-year-old Anacortes boy grabbed the bill from her friends hand and ran off.  The girls gave chase, but the boy got away.  Officers went to the boy’s house where he was arrested on an outstanding felony warrant.  The boy admitted to taking the money from the girl, but she did not want to pursue charges and was satisfied with getting her money back.  The boy was booked into juvenile detention on the warrant. 

A 30-year-old Anacortes woman called the police to report that her 50-year-old husband had violated a no-contact order by calling her at work.  The woman said that her husband told her that he wanted to work things out with her.  The husband was contacted at his residence in the 200 block of Commercial Avenue, but he denied having called his wife.  He did admit to calling her cell phone earlier to ask her to bring him some property.  The man was booked into jail for violating the no-contact order.

An Anacortes man reported that someone had struck his car while it was parked in front of his residence in the 1900 block of 23rd St.  The driver’s side mirror was damaged and the paint scratched. 

Officers received a complaint of a domestic disturbance in a parking lot in the 800 block of 29th Street.  Officers contacted a 26-year-old Anacortes man and his 23-year-old ex-girlfriend.  The woman reported that the man had been under the hood of her car when she returned home with a friend.  The woman said that the man yelled at her for not picking up their children earlier.  The woman said that the man used the car he was driving to block her vehicle so she couldn’t leave, but that she had tried to back up anyway believing that she had enough space.  She struck his car while backing.  Officers observed the man’s car had significant damage.  The man denied blocking the woman’s car but said that the woman had backed into his car.  He also said that the woman had thrown an ashtray full of cigarette butts into his car through an open window.  The woman admitted to throwing the ashtray.  Officers discovered three fuses had been removed from the woman’s car and they were found inside of the man’s car.  The man admitted to pulling the fuses.  The man was determined to be the primary aggressor and he was arrested for domestic violence malicious mischief and booked into jail.       

October 8

An employee of a business in the 2900 block of T Avenue reported that someone had struck and destroyed their mailbox during the night.  There were tire tracks on the sidewalk leading to the mailbox that indicated the vehicle had been a large truck. 

An officer recognized a 22-year-old Anacortes man as a passenger in a car he had stopped in the 1500 block of Skyline Way.  The man had numerous warrants for his arrest including one with a seven day jail sentence.  He was taken into custody and booked into jail. 

The owner of a marina in the 200 block of O Avenue reported that someone had shot out the window of one of his customer’s cars that was parked on the property.  It appeared that a BB or pellet type gun had been used.  The business owner had contacted the car owner, but the car owner did not want to speak with the police. 

October 9

The owner of a roofing company reported that he believed that one of his employees had stolen a staple gun valued at approximately $600.  The man reported that he had told his employees he was going to institute drug testing, and that one employee failed to show up for work about the same time that the staple gun turned up missing.  Detectives were checking pawn records and the incident is under investigation.    

A resident of the 1000 block of 29th St. reported an ongoing problem of middle school aged juveniles using their skateboards to pound on and dent his and his neighbor’s mailboxes.  The man could not provide names or addresses for the juveniles and he was asked to call 911 when he saw the damage occurring. 

A citizen called 911 to report a man sitting in a vehicle in a parking lot in the 1700 block of Commercial Avenue drinking a beer.  An officer saw the vehicle leave the parking lot and stopped the car and contacted the driver.  The driver was identified as a 19-year-old Anacortes man who had a slight odor of alcohol on his breath.  The officer then saw an opened can of beer in the car along with unopened cans.  It was determined that the driver was not impaired, but he was cited and released for underage drinking.  The man’s father stopped by the scene and told the officer that the beer had come from his house. 

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