Police Blotter, September 15 - 21, 2023

An Anacortes man recognized a block notice on his tablet as a fraud attempt and quickly moved to protect himself.

Hikes: "Ala, Ala, In Come Free"

Ala Spit -- even the name brings a smile.

Spyware can infect your phone or computer via the ads you see online – report

You probably won’t be targeted by spyware, but if you are, odds are you won’t know about it. The latest spyware slips in unseen through online ads as you go about your digital life.

Oyster Run is this Sunday: Extra police patrols on tap

Hundreds of motorcyclists are expected in Anacortes this weekend for the annual Oystern Run.

Anacortes Senior College classes resume in October

With fall registration now open at Anacortes Senior College, a guest writer takes a close look at the 16-year-old local institution.

Police Blotter, September 8 - 14, 2023

Anacortes Police last week responded to a dangerous case of a bicyclist playing chicken in traffic.

New study tallies the litter accumulating on Washington’s roads and public spaces

Stopping litter at its source is the focus of a new statewide campaign

‘Dr. Google’ Meets Its Match: Dr. ChatGPT

With the rise of generative AI, people who once turned to “Dr. Google” to check on medical symptoms are now turning to chatbots. Researchers say the bots are often more accurate, but urge caution in the absence of any regulations.