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Art Walk and Jazz Walk this Friday

Head downtown this Friday evening for Art Walk (6-8pm) and Jazz Walk (6-9pm) for a fun time.

Hikes: With the Eyes of a Child

We walked down a grassy path past a building made of stones and logs. Through its windows I could see a beach, and water, and far-away mountains.

Hikes: Of Tides and Time

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Picture a classic February beach scene on Penn Cove: gray clouds above a gray beach along flat gray waters – not even wavelets on the beach, just gentle lapping.

Hikes: Bluffing LIke Spring

“A good hike starts with a stop at Starbucks,” Kath said. Me, I prefer a water bottle in my pack.

Hikes: Strength from the Storm

Storms. They power into our lives with their force and fury, rattling our windows and walls, drumming on our roofs, and freezing our fingers and faces. We sit inside, thankful we are not outside getting drenched, blown, or frozen, or all the above at the same time.

Hikes: Seeking

While hiking on Kiket Island a couple of years ago I had the good fortune to run into Tracy Powell, the carver of Kokwalalwoot, the story pole residing at Rosario Beach.

Cardio or weights first? A kinesiologist explains how to optimize the order of your exercise routine

How to structure your workout − resistance then aerobic training or vice versa − depends on your exercise goals.

Hikes: Immersion Quiet

40°, damp and wet. Few of us wanted to be out in the chill. The birds and other small creatures find a way to survive and bring cheer. Kinglets and nuthatches were caroling above us, just out of sight. A frog’s gravelly chanting echoed through the ancient cathedral of trees.

Hikes: This Land Is ...

My heart overflowed with thankfulness that we have this trail that bridges people and nature, the past and the present, the local and the global.