Arts and Leisure

Hikes: "Ala, Ala, In Come Free"

Ala Spit -- even the name brings a smile.

Anacortes Senior College classes resume in October

With fall registration now open at Anacortes Senior College, a guest writer takes a close look at the 16-year-old local institution.

Hikes: Two if by Day, None if by Night

A helicopter hovering overhead always gets your attention. For those in need, it is a most welcome sight and sound.

Hikes: Our Backyard Park, Through the Year

Washington Park is the place Kath and I call our own.

Galleries open late Friday night

Galleries in downtown Anacortes will be open late this Friday night for Art Walk. We've got the list.

Hikes: Next Door to "Close to Home"

Everyone who describes Cypress to me mentions wonderful places to camp and adventurous trails to explore.

Books: Medusa's Sisters

A vivid and moving reimagining of the myth of Medusa and the sisters who loved her. The end of the story is only the beginning… A debut novel from Seattle author Lauren J.A. Bear.

Hikes: Big Tree, Tursi, and the SLT

We laughed as we remembered the many ups and downs of the day, the heat and shadows, the sweat of the trail, the sweetness of our surroundings, and the stories that shape the trail today.

Hikes: Anticipation, and a Bonus

“Will we see Bruiser?” Every time we visit Strawberry Point, that is forefront in our minds.

First Friday Art Walk Joins Arts Festival

Anacortes' monthly First Friday Art Walk happens this Friday, from 6 - 8pm. We have the locations.