Health News

Many Young Adults Who Began Vaping as Teens Can’t Shake the Habit


New data on substance use among young adults suggests that many former teen e-cigarette users are continuing the habit.

I want to keep my child safe from abuse − but research tells me I’m doing it wrong


It’s rarely the creep at the playground. About 90% of child sexual abusers know the family.

The Burden of Getting Medical Care Can Exhaust Older Patients


It’s estimated that an older patient can spend three weeks of the year getting care — and that doesn’t count the time it takes to arrange appointments or deal with insurance companies.

Could the days of ‘springing forward’ be numbered?


A neurologist and sleep expert explains the downside to that borrowed hour of daylight.

With Medical Debt Burdening Millions, a Financial Regulator Steps In to Help

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, created after the Great Recession of 2007-09, has increasingly started policing the health care system.

Hacking at UnitedHealth Unit Cripples a Swath of the US Health System: What to Know

Change Healthcare, a firm recently bought by insurance giant UnitedHealth Group, reportedly suffered a cyberattack. The company processes 14 billion transactions annually, including payments and requests for insurance authorizations.

Washington tribes look to Iceland for help getting teens off drugs

Washington tribal leaders are looking at an overseas model to combat the rise in opioid use among teens.