Health News

Could the days of ‘springing forward’ be numbered?

A neurologist and sleep expert explains the downside to that borrowed hour of daylight.

With Medical Debt Burdening Millions, a Financial Regulator Steps In to Help

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, created after the Great Recession of 2007-09, has increasingly started policing the health care system.

Hacking at UnitedHealth Unit Cripples a Swath of the US Health System: What to Know

Change Healthcare, a firm recently bought by insurance giant UnitedHealth Group, reportedly suffered a cyberattack. The company processes 14 billion transactions annually, including payments and requests for insurance authorizations.

Washington tribes look to Iceland for help getting teens off drugs

Washington tribal leaders are looking at an overseas model to combat the rise in opioid use among teens. 

Do We Simply Not Care About Old People?

Many at-risk seniors aren’t getting antiviral therapies, and older adults in nursing homes aren’t getting vaccines. Why?

How Fringe Anti-Science Views Infiltrated Mainstream Politics — And What It Means in 2024

Opposition to vaccines and other public health measures backed by science has become politically charged. That makes dangerous misinformation much harder to fight.

‘Emergency’ or Not, Covid Is Still Killing People. Here’s What Doctors Advise to Stay Safe.

Thousands of people are still dying of covid, but government has mostly handed over responsibility to the people to weather the seasonal surges with their own strategies.

What Would a Second Trump Presidency Look Like for Health Care?

What Would a Second Trump Presidency Look Like for Health Care?

There’s a New Covid-19 Variant and Cases Are Ticking Up. What Do You Need to Know?

The covid-19 virus is continually changing, and a recent subvariant, the JN.1, is rapidly climbing the charts.