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Anacortes was hit by an unusually heavy snowfall, causing power outages and slow traffic. But, the city got some welcome help from the school district. More snow is expected tonight. Schools will close tomorrow.


Traffic in downtown Anacortes was slow again as the city was hit by an unusually heavy snowfall, causing power outages and slow traffic.

As much as six inches of snow fell on Anacortes overnight Tuesday night and during the day on Wednesday as a major winter storm hit the island. The weather service says another 1 to 4 inches of snow is expected, with the majority of this snow falling this evening. Snow will become more showery in nature later tonight
with some light accumulations still possible into Thursday morning.

There were numerous power outages around town, with much of the east side of Commercial Ave. affected for much of the morning. At one point, none of the traffic signals from 12th St. to 32nd St. were working late Wednesday morning. Other areas of the city lost electricity from a few minutes to at least one hour.

Meanwhile, the city got some help from the school district. School Superintendent Chris Borgen said he had heard that the city didn’t have a snowplow, so he offered the school district’s snowplow, which went to work early Wednesday morning. Borgen says it will be back on city streets Thursday morning, too.

And, around 20 boys basketball and wrestling students and staff, went through downtown Anacortes shoveling snow off the sidewalks.

City Hall has been deluged with complaints from residents about the icy conditions on city streets, especially heavily-used Commercial Ave. and 12th St. Apparently there was some confusion at city hall over whether the state or the city should keep those streets clear. Commercial, north of 12th, and 12th St. are part of state highway 20 spur. Mayor Dean Maxwell said the state should keep those streets clear, but the state apparently thought the city would handle it.

Schools will be closed again Thursday.

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