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2015 0609 team broderna

They may not win, but a two-person team from Anacortes is in good position to finish second in the 750-mile non-motorized boat race from Port Townsend to Ketchikan, Alaska.

Team Broderna, crewed by Nels and Lars Strandberg from Anacortes, in this photo were in second place as they passed Campbell River, on Vancouver Island, about one third of the way to Ketchikan. Sailing an F-24, they have been running very close to Team Por Favor, sailing a Hobie 33, but pulled a short distance ahead mid-day Tuesday.

Leading the race is Team Elsie Piddock in an F-25c trimaran, captained by Al Hughes. But, many in this race are just racing against the time limit, the wind and tides and dealing with their own personal challenges.

UPDATE: Dismasted: Anacortes team out of Race to Alaska

When the race launched from Port Townsend last Thursday, there were 60 entries, many of which were racing only in the first leg to Victoria, BC. The real race left Victoria on Sunday morning. Only about 30 boats are left in the race.

The race rules do not allow any motorized assistance, relying on endurance, self-reliance and a great deal of saltwater knowhow.

First prize is $10,000. Second place prize is a set of steak knives. And, beyond that, as the race’s Web site says, “Cathartic elation if you can simply complete the course.”

Photo by Debra Colvin from Small Craft Advisor Magazine

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