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2015 0611 team broderna boat

Their boat dismasted, the Anacortes team in the Race to Alaska has been forced out of the 750-mile non-motorized boat race from Port Townsend to Ketchikan, Alaska.

Nels and Lars Strandberg, who have been sailing this F-24 trimaran, ran into trouble Wednesday well into the race where they had been running in second or third place.

Strandberg posted a message Wednesday saying, “All is well, were demasted and drifting in John Stone Straight in the middle of the night, really. Nobody hurt and we have a tow in route. . More to come later,... But we can not continue with 2 short masts.”

They were towed to Kelsey Bay.

“Waiting for a window.....we need a stronger boat,’ Nels added.

It looks, from their track, they were floating helplessly for awhile after being dismasted.

2015 0611 team broderna track

The Strandberg team, Team Broderna, received some good comments on Facebook.

Heidi Baxter wrote, “Broderna, you did some awesome sailing! Congratulations on your amazing efforts. Glad you are safe.”

Tim Knight: “An amazing first attempt....the F-24 Mk2 is a great boat, the only problem is your Team is Tougher than the boat, having owned one I can't imagine sailing one in the conditions you had.......I was very impressed with everything you had done to the boat for this event, Great Effort ...very impressed!”

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