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Jury: Gromus guilty of assault

A Superior Court jury in Mount Vernon Thursday found South Fidalgo resident Alan Gromus guilty of assault in connection with the baseball bat attack on his wife last September.

Gromus could face up to 23 years in prison for the two counts of first-degree assault.

He was accused of attacking his wife, Pam, with a metal baseball bat outside their Campbell Lake home last September 30, then assaulting a neighbor who approached during the attack. Pam Gromus suffered head injuries and the neighbor, Greg O’Connor received a dislocated and broken ankle.

The defense had argued the assault was done by another person and Alan was only attending to his wife when the neighbor walked up. The defense said Gromus thought the neighbor did the attack and so assaulted him.

Pam Gromus testified she remembered very little from the attack, though she told police at the time that her husband attacked her.

O’Connor testified that he saw Alan Gromus chocking his wife with the bat as she lay on the ground.

The jury deliberated less than a day before reaching the verdict. Sentencing will be scheduled later.