Police Beat

A police officer narrowly missed a head-on crash with a wrong-way driver on highway 20 this week.

Saturday, September 11, 2021

A 48-year-old Arlington woman was arrested on a charge of DUI after callers reported her driving the wrong way on Highway 20 – going west in the east lanes with no headlights just before 7 a.m. An officer noted she almost hit several vehicles, including his own, head-on. The officer turned around and followed the vehicle, which eventually stopped near Thompson Road. The woman reportedly said she was heading to the highway to go to Lake Stevens and denied going the wrong direction. The officer noted it appeared she was under the influence of something and noted he did not smell alcohol. A Washington State Patrol trooper arrived and, after doing poorly on field sobriety tests, arrested her on suspicion of DUI.

A 49-year-old man was banned from a business in the 900 block of 11th Street he refused to move along. A manager called to report he’d asked the man, who had an accordion, generator and speaker system, to move as he was causing a traffic hazard, without success. Officers issued the man a ban notice.

A 45-year-old Seattle man was banned from a business in the 400 block of Commercial Avenue after allegedly threatening another guest with a firearm. Two guests reported the man had been shouting profanity and talking very loudly on his cell phone. When the man left the room, one guest went to talk to an employee and the other confronted the man, who allegedly threatened to get a gun and “take care of” the guest. The man denied mentioning a gun or threatening anyone. He was banned from the business and the business provided a refund.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

A 46-year-old Anacortes man reported he was bitten by a dog while on his bike at Cranberry Lake. The man said he’d just come up a hill on his bike and was taking a break. A man walked by with his leashed dog, who was growling as it started to pass and then bit his right calf. He told the officer it was clearly not intentional. The men had words, but both asked the officer to apologize to the other. The animal control officer later talked with both parties. The dog owner said the dog has never bitten anyone before but does show fear aggression. He has been to an obedience class and the animal control officer recommended he seek additional training.

Officers contacted a 40-year-old Bremerton man after a caller reported the man was masturbating under a blanket in the 1000 block of 27th Street. Officers witnessed the same action the caller did. It was noted the man was previously contact by another agency while reportedly doing the same thing. The man allegedly told officers he was “adjusting” himself. Officers attempted to call a friend to give the man a ride, as requested, but were unable to connect with anyone. The man agreed to leave the area and was instructed not to masturbate in public.

Monday, September 13, 2021

An 18-year-old Anacortes man faces charges of felony assault and felony harassment after reportedly assaulting employees at the hospital around 7:40 a.m. The man was waiting for treatment and got upset at a staff member. It escalated and the man ended up biting, scratching and kicking several employees and was very verbally aggressive. He also threatened to kill several people. Staff were eventually able to restrain the man and calm him down before officers intervened.

An employee at a business in the 12000 block of Reservation Road called report a suspect left with power tools. He said the man came in and asked about batteries. When the employee when to check on the batteries, the man reportedly started grabbing items and left. It was confirmed the man took a $250 twin pack set of batteries in addition to other items. Employees were able to get a license plate of the fleeing vehicle. The investigation continues.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

A 47-year-old transient man was banned from a car sales business who had been asked to leave several times but refused. Contractors were trying to access the area and were unable to, due the man setting up camp on the private property.

A 44-year-old transient woman was banned from Port of Anacortes from after a port security advised she was involved in a verbal fight with a man, who had since left. Officers recognized the woman from previous contacts. She reportedly said she didn’t care about the trespass and left the property.

A 44-year-old transient woman reported that a woman who previously assaulted her was in the store with her and was following her. The woman refused to discuss the assault with officers, though she did mention bees. A 39-year-old La Conner woman stopped officers as they were leaving, saying she found the other woman sleeping in her truck bed yesterday. Apparently, she had parked on top of a bee nest and she was stung multiple times, as was the other woman. The woman said she did not assault the other woman.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

A 30-year-old Anacortes woman was cited for having a suspended license, no insurance and wheels off roadway after a witness reported the woman’s vehicle hit a stop sign and a parked vehicle around 1 p.m. at 34th Street and Commercial Avenue. The stop sign was pushed over and broken off at the base. The driver claimed she was unaware of what caused the accident, saying she blacked out. Witnesses said the woman was barely conscious when initially contacted and seemed confused and unaware of what happened. Medics checked on the woman at the scene. The officer did not detect any indications of intoxication and encouraged the woman to get checked out further at the hospital.

A 17-year-old Anacortes girl reported she was trying to sell an item online and a buyer told her they would be sending a large check for the item. She became suspicious when she received a check for $1,580 for the roughly $40 item. She took the check to her bank, which confirmed it was fraudulent. There was no monetary loss.

A 56-year-old Mount Vernon woman was cited for following too close after the vehicle in front her of stopped quickly and she hit the back of the car. Officers noted the woman was irate and would approach the other driver aggressively. Officers ordered her to return to her vehicle. Shortly after, officers were called again by a neighbor, who reported the woman had returned to the scene and was yelling at the other driver again. She later told officers she returned to get pictures of the skid marks on the road.

A 28-year-old La Conner woman was arrested on a charge of DUI and faces a charge of hit and run after two separate incidents. Officers were initially called around 2:10 p.m. after she reportedly ran over a pedestrian’s foot in a parking lot in the 900 block of 11th Street and then fled the scene. A witness reported seeing the woman’s car hit the man as she was backing up around 2:10 p.m. The man was knocked over. The vehicle then started forward and ran over the man’s foot. The witness was able to get a license plate number and photos of the vehicle.

Shortly after, around 2:21 p.m., officers were called to an accident at Highway 20 and R Avenue involving the same vehicle. The woman told officers she was traveling east on Highway 20 and tried to do a U-turn into coming traffic headed westbound. She hit another vehicle, causing significant damage to both vehicles. Officers noted the woman was visibly pregnant. They also noted an odor of intoxicants from her breath. She told officers she stopped drinking around 10 a.m. After consulting an attorney, the woman agreed to a voluntary blood draw. The woman also denied hitting anyone in the store parking lot. Officers believe she was aware she struck someone and left due to her impairment.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

A 58-year-old Anacortes man called to report that he believed his vehicle had been stolen, though he was unsure what type of vehicle it was. Officers contacted the man, noting he smelled strongly of urine and his pants fell down, exposing himself. Officers asked if it was possibly he parked elsewhere. The man said he may have parked it elsewhere, and officers opted to search for it before listing it as stolen. Officers determined the man’s vehicle and found its location based on a previous call, where he was removed due to excessive alcohol consumption. Officers notified the man where his vehicle was parked. Shortly after, he called 911 again saying he could not find his vehicle in a different location than officers told him it was. He was again informed where his vehicle was parked. Officers completed a driver evaluation request, as it appears the man cannot safely operate a motor vehicle due to either mental health or alcohol consumption related complications.

A 64-year-old Anacortes woman wanted to make a complaint about pigeons owned by a neighbor. She said the birds fly around and eat the birdseed out of her feeder. She was informed there are no laws regarding the flight of pet birds and police were unable to help.

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