Police Beat

Four vehicles were damaged when a driver, unprepared for a yellow traffic light, tried to drive between the two lanes of traffic.

On Monday, Nov. 23, four vehicles traveling westbound on SR 20 at Reservation Road collided with each other causing reportable damage to all of them and minor injuries to some of the vehicle occupants. The at-fault driver was following too closely in his sedan and when he noticed that the vehicles in front of him were slowing for the yellow light, he unsuccessfully attempted to drive in between them. He faces possible infractions for following too close and driving with no insurance.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

At 3:40AM on the 21st, APD Officers went to the area of Little Cranberry Lake per the report of a sedan that drove off the roadway. On scene, officers noticed a car that sustained considerable damage after driving off the road and the owner of the car was on scene. The owner told police that her son was driving at the time of the incident, that he was now at home, and he was not injured in the incident. The 17-year-old driver will receive a ticket in the mail for driving with wheels off roadway.

A local 29-year-old woman was arrested for hit and run and given a ticket for no insurance on her vehicle on the afternoon of the 21st. Police spoke with the woman after they were notified of a low speed collision involving her vehicle. Investigation revealed that the car that was struck was occupied by a man known to the suspect and the two were involved in a dispute over personal property which resulted in the collision. The female suspect was released at the scene with a copy of her paperwork which included a court date for her criminal citation for hit and run.

A 23-year-old Mount Vernon man was arrested for second-degree burglary and booked in the county jail late night on the 21st. Officers contacted the man after grocery store staff called them because they were aware that he was recently trespassed from the store. When confronted, the man left the store without paying for a bag of chips that was in his hand.  

Sunday, November 22, 2020

APD Officers were deployed to the downtown corridor to check on an elderly woman sitting in her car for several hours. The woman was in good health, but her car would not start, so officers jumped the car for her and contacted her daughter to check on her before sending her home.

Monday, November 23, 2020

On the morning of the 23rd, a vehicle prowl victim living on Skyline Way called police to report that someone got into his car and stole clothing, cash, and a pair of sunglasses. It is unknown if the car was secured at the time of the incident. The victim told police that the incident occurred sometime between 10PM on the 22nd and 6AM on the 23rd, which is a common time frame for these types of crimes. There are no suspects.

A Pacific Avenue resident requested extra police officer patrols in his neighborhood after realizing that an unknown suspect rifled through his car sometime during the night.

Just after 1PM on the 23rd, an APD Officer on patrol noticed a van driver with a cellphone in his right hand. The officer pulled the car over to speak with the 26-year-old Lake Stevens driver. A routine license check revealed that the man’s license was suspended so he was taken into custody without incident and later released at the scene.

A woman called police after realizing that a vehicle that attempted to park nearby struck her car when it was parked along 24th Street during her workday on the 23rd. There are no suspects.

Police were dispatched to the 900 block of 22nd Street just after 10PM on the 23rd because someone was flying a drone near a second story window of a home in the area. An officer responded and spoke with a man who was holding his drone. The man said his drone did not have a camera or any type of recording device and he did not fly it near anyone’s home. The drone pilot agreed to be mindful of where he was flying in the future.

Just before noon on Thursday, APD Officers were dispatched to an abandoned building near 7th and G Avenue to investigate reports from two separate callers that there were people, later determined to be 3 teen males, trespassing on the property. Officers found the males and spoke with them about their behavior. The males asserted that they were there to take pictures and one of them had a camera in his hand. They were warned about the seriousness of their behavior and told that they would be charged with a crime if they returned.

A local woman called police on Thursday to report that she was a victim of a phishing scam. Per the victim’s report, earlier in the month she received a call from an online retailer informing her that her account was frozen and she was required to purchase two $500 gift cards and provide the numbers on the back to re-activate the account. The woman was caught off guard and purchased the cards as requested. The victim later reached out to the retailer and confirmed that it was likely a phishing scam.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Early afternoon on the 24th, APD Officers were made aware of a stolen sedan on SR 20 near the Twin Bridges that was being tracked by an onboard locating device. Officers found the car on Casino Drive and contacted a 19-year-old man possibly involved with stealing the car from Oak Harbor. The suspect had several items and bank cards in his possession that were later determined to be stolen and he was taken into custody. The rightful owners of the sedan responded to the scene to take possession of it and assess damages and items missing from within. The suspect was booked in jail on an investigative hold and faces felony charges for possession of a motor vehicle; identity theft; possession of a legend drug; possession of drug paraphernalia; and possession of stolen property.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Local coffee shop personnel contacted APD to request an officer to pick up a fake $20 bill. Staff was not able to identify who passed the bill, but noticed that there was not a security strip in the bill when they were performing their end-of-day count.

A local 44-year-old man was given a ticket for no valid license and arrested on a Department of Corrections warrant early evening on the 25th. The man was driving a pickup pulling a trailer without a license plate, which is why he was pulled over. The man said the trailer was stolen from him several years prior and he recently took possession of it, which is why he did not have the license plate. The driver also admitted that he had a warrant for his arrest. The man was later released on the scene with a copy of his ticket after DOC staff stated that they would not take custody of the man that evening.

Friday, November 27, 2020

A local retailer contacted police early afternoon on Friday to report a confrontation with a male behind the store. Per the staff member’s report, she confronted a man in his vehicle about illegally dumping trash in the business’ dumpster. The man offered several disparaging remarks, and then left the area. Police have not positively identified the man.

A 33-year-old Anacortes man was arrested and now faces charges of domestic violence assault and resisting arrest. Police took custody of the man after his father called police on Friday afternoon to report that a verbal altercation turned physical between the two and his son hit him in the arm with a two-by-four. The man resisted when officers told him he was under arrest, but was ultimately taken into custody.

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