Police Beat

This week's Police Blotter lists one person booked into county jail. The case was a domestic violence assault in which a man assaulted his girlfriend on June 8.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

A 21-year-old Stanwood driver was given a ticket for improper backing on the evening of the 6th. The driver told the responding officer that he was looking left towards the stop sign on Commercial Avenue when he backed into the rear side panel of a sedan passing by to the west on 28th Street. The vehicle passing by sustained reportable damage, but no one was injured.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

A man wearing a hat, sunglasses, and a lifejacket left a downtown marine supply store after stealing the items. Responding officers were unable to locate the subject for questioning and store staff were unable to identify the subject other than by the clothes he was wearing.

Police boarded a personally-owned boat moored along Q Avenue at the request of the owner on the afternoon of the 7th. The owner called police after realizing that someone boarded his boat without permission and stole approximately $100 in tools and alcohol. 

Monday, June 8, 2020

APD Officers responded to an apartment on the 800 block of 30th Street in the middle of the night on the 8th per the report of a woman who had been strangled and thrown to the ground by her boyfriend, a 39-year-old from Tacoma. The man and woman were yelling at each other in the parking lot when officers arrived and were quickly separated for investigation. The woman said she was driving with her boyfriend and he began yelling at her, then grabbed her forcefully by the neck. The two went back to the apartment and the man again grabbed her neck and threw her to the ground. There were several red marks on the woman’s neck consistent with her statements. The man was taken into custody for second degree domestic violence assault and booked in jail on his charge.

A man called police on the morning of the 8th to report that he had just had a verbal disagreement with a co-worker. An officer spoke with both parties and they agreed to settle the matter in a civil manner without further issues.

A local business representative contacted police mid-morning on the 8th to report a customer who became upset after being told that it was company policy to wear a mask in the store. The customer became upset and yelled at the employee before storming out the door. Officers were unable to locate the subject.

Mid-afternoon on the 8th, APD Officers investigated a call about a male acting suspiciously at the skate park on R Avenue. The person who made the call to 911 Dispatch was still on scene when officers arrived. The subject was described as a male in his 20’s who was acting strangely around kids and had possibly exposed himself to them. After interviewing several witnesses on scene, officers took the male subject, a 36-year-old from Lopez Island, into custody for indecent exposure and booked him in jail on his charge.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Just before 11PM on the 8th, an APD Officer performed a traffic stop on a sedan on highway 20 because the vehicle registration was expired as of two months prior. The driver, a 30-year-old Bellingham woman, was unable to provide a driver’s license and she was taken into custody, stating that she had been arrested for the same offense in the past. Officers searched the vehicle with the passengers’ approval, and located drug paraphernalia in the car. The paraphernalia could also be attributed to the 37-year-old Seattle man in the passenger’s seat, so he was taken into custody as well. Both vehicle passengers were later released with a copy of their respective citations.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

A resident from the 2000 block of N Avenue called police on the 10th to report that sometime in the past day or so someone had stolen a 3-tiered planter from her yard. The woman requested additional police presence in the area at night since she thought that the theft likely occurred at night.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

APD Officers were dispatched to the marina on Q Avenue on Thursday evening for a removal complaint. The subject of interest in the case was a 66-year-old man from Kingston. Per marina staff, the man was banned from the property the month prior and they requested that he be removed. The man said he had business to take care of on the property, but was reminded that he was banned from the property less than a month prior and was subsequently taken into custody for trespassing. The man was transported by police car to another location in town and released with a copy of his citation. 

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