Police Beat

An Anacortes Police Officer responded on Tuesday to South Fidalgo Bay Road to investigate vehicles running into shrubbery on the side of the road. Investigation revealed that the people on scene were trying to free their rooster who was trapped in the bushes. They agreed not to use their vehicles to knock down the vegetation.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

A local grocery store representative called police early morning on the 4th to report a man in the store who may be concealing items in his jacket. Officers responded to the store and contacted a 35-year-old known to them and arrested him for theft. Video footage revealed that the man placed at least one item in his jacket. A records check revealed that the man was banned from the store through October. As such, he was charged with burglary and banned from the store for another year.

A 38-year-old Tacoma woman was arrested and charged with theft after she refused to pay for the food she ordered at a local restaurant early afternoon on the 4th. When asked why she did not pay, the woman said her wallet was missing. She was given a trespass notice banning her and told to look for her theft charge paperwork in the mail.

An anonymous caller reported a large gathering of people in a restaurant parking lot along Commercial Avenue early one evening. An officer responded to the area to counsel the group on proper social distancing behavior and they dispersed shortly thereafter.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Sometime after 10:30PM on the 4th and 9AM on the 5th, the wheels and tires were stolen from a small car parked on the 2200 block of 30th Street. The victim called police to report the incident, adding that the suspect also caused damage to the vehicle by using improper jack points, then lowering the vehicle to the ground.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

A resident from the 800 block of 29th Street called police on the morning of the 7th to report that sometime overnight, a hole was drilled in his vehicle’s fuel tank and $30 worth of gasoline was stolen. The incident will cost the victim over $200 in repair costs.  

A local man called police to report that he received a piece of mail from the unemployment office suggesting that his application was being reviewed. The man called the office back because he had not applied for unemployment as he was still working. At the time of the report, the victim had not sustained any financial loss. He was advised to monitor his bank and credit reports.

A building owned by a local non-profit sustained $500 in damage to a large window and reported the incident to police. The investigating officer took photos of the damaged window and a large rock laying on the ground that was likely used to break the window. No other damage to the facility was evident at the time of the report.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

A 39-year-old Oak Harbor man was given a ticket for improper turn for his involvement in a two-vehicle minor damage collision in the Sharpes Corner roundabout. The Oak Harbor man came into the roundabout from Anacortes and turned into the left rear tire of a trailer pulled by a semi, causing damage to his sports car and a small scrape to the rim of the trailer. No one was injured.

A woman called police midday on the 8th to report that a pickup truck was keeping her from leaving a local coffee stand. Officers responded and spoke with the pickup driver who stated that she was making a “citizen’s arrest” because of the way the other vehicle was being driven. She was counseled on the legality and safety issues associated with her behavior.

Hospital staff called police early afternoon on the 8th because they saw a young man in the parking lot who they thought may be prowling cars. An officer spoke with the young man who was outside smoking a cigarette, but was not prowling cars and there was no evidence of a crime.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

A local grocery store representative contacted police just after 1PM on the 9th and provided information on a theft suspect. Officers located the theft suspect in the parking lot and took her into custody. Investigation revealed that the 26-year-old Everett woman stole approximately $70 worth of toiletry items. The suspect reasoned that she needed the items and Anacortes was a “rich town.” She was released from custody and provided a copy of her citation and a trespass notice. 

COVID-19 Cases in Skagit County

4,942 Confirmed Skagit Cases
400-409 Total Cases in ZIP 98221

318 Hospitalizations
67 Deaths
44,613 Fully Vaccinated
57,198 Initial Doses Given


379,100 Confirmed Cases Statewide
22,614 Hospitalizations

5,539 Deaths Statewide
2,419,434 Fully Vaccinated
3,368,279 Initial Doses Given

Updated 6 pm, May 5, 2021.

County Map: Confirmed COVID-19 cases by ZIP code in Skagit County. Updated weekly.

Sources: Skagit County Public Health, Washington State Department of Health, New York Times