Police Beat

A late-Saturday night party involving juveniles at an Airbnb prompted a call to police and ended with an Education Citation for the renter.

Just before midnight on Feb. 22nd, an APD Officer investigated a juvenile party at a local Airbnb. The owner of the property called police after realizing that over a dozen juveniles were having a party with alcohol at the residence. No juveniles were present when police arrived, however, the officer observed several alcohol containers that were left behind. The officer spoke with the 18-year-old woman who rented the residence. She was apologetic and said she initially intended to have a few friends over, but it got out of hand when several others caught wind of the festivities. She was informed that she would receive an Education Citation, a program that connects kids with intervention services in the community in lieu of a minor in possession charge.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

A local man contacted police to report that someone claiming to be from Puget Sound Energy called him stating that he needed to pay him by gift card or his power would be shut off. The man did not pay the fraudster anything and confirmed with the power company that it was a scam. Crisis averted.

A 23rd Street resident contacted police to report that someone rifled through his vehicle sometime during the night of the 21st and some loose change was stolen. Nothing else of value was missing from the vehicle.

Mid-day on the 22nd, APD Officers were dispatched to a home on Q Avenue per the report of a domestic violence situation between a mother and her adult son. While in route to the call, one of the responding officers recognized the son walking along Commercial Avenue so she contacted him and another officer later informed her that there was probable cause to arrest him for malicious mischief domestic violence. Investigation revealed that the man was frustrated about his job situation and took it out on several items within the house. The son was later booked in jail on his charge.

A 42-year-old Arlington man was arrested, cited, and released for driving while license suspended after an APD Officer pulled him over for a badly cracked windshield. When informed of the reason for the stop, the man said he would get the windshield fixed as soon as possible. The driver also mentioned that the vehicle did not belong to him and he did not have a good license because of unpaid tickets.

A 39-year-old Arlington driver was pulled over by an APD Corporal as he pulled onto SR 20 from R Avenue around dinnertime on the 22nd. The driver was following closely behind a vehicle after he merged, then accelerated to 5-10 miles per hour over the speed limit after the car pulled into the right lane. The driver told the officer that he shouldn’t be driving and his passenger should be. A routine check revealed that the man’s license was suspended so he was taken into custody, cited, and released.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

A San Juan Avenue resident contacted police to report a splintered mailbox post that was hit with enough force to split it in two pieces. It is unknown how the post was broken or who is responsible for the incident.

A 22-year-old Anacortes driver was distracted by her cellphone so it took her two blocks to notice the police car that pulled in behind her with its lights illuminated. The driver was still holding her phone when the officer walked up to her window. A routine check of her license revealed that it was suspended so she was cited and released on scene.

A 19-year-old Anacortes man was arrested on one felony and two misdemeanor warrants just before 5PM on the 23rd while walking along Commercial Avenue. The arresting officer reached out to grab the man’s arm and take him into custody but the subject ran off across the street. The officer chased him on foot into a nearby alleyway, but lost sight of him. Other officers came into the area to begin the search, and after a short time the man was found hiding under a vehicle. He was then taken into custody and booked in jail on his warrants and a new charge for obstructing a law enforcement officer.

A man and woman, both in their 30’s, will soon receive theft charges in the mail for their involvement in the theft of $20 worth of groceries from a local store. Officers were made aware of the theft by the store manager and contacted the two suspects in the store when staff called them the afternoon of February 23rd. The two subjects were banned at that time, but denied being involved in a theft incident. A review of surveillance footage revealed that there is probable cause for theft charges on the two who were in the store on the 21st and exited the store without paying for grocery items in their possession.

Monday, February 24, 2020

An older model sedan attempted to take the northbound turn onto R Avenue from SR 20 at 35-40 miles per hour, but slid across the intersection and into oncoming traffic lanes before skidding off the roadway in the opposite ditch. Only one car was involved and the only injury to the 63-year-old Friday Harbor driver was his pocket book—he was given a ticket for no insurance and negligent driving.

A local care facility contacted police on the 24th to report that sometime over the weekend a construction box on their property was spray painted in black and red paint. Facility staff did not know who was responsible for the graffiti.

A local woman called police on the 24th to report that earlier in the month, a package was stolen from her locking mailbox containing $5 worth of medications. There are no suspects.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

An Anacortes Police Officer was on patrol near Mount Erie Elementary School just before 3PM on the 26th when he observed a sedan speed by him, so he pulled the car over. The 39-year-old driver said he recently purchased the car and was learning the quirks of the vehicle, including the temperamental speedometer. The driver further stated that he did not have his license with him and he did not have a license or registration for the vehicle. A routine check revealed that the man’s driver’s license was suspended and he had a warrant out of Skagit County District Court. An officer checked the driver’s license of the female passenger to determine if she could drive the car from the scene. The routine check revealed that she also had warrants so she was taken into custody and booked in jail on her warrants. The driver was booked and released on his warrant and given a new court date.

A woman contacted police to report that she discovered several pieces of possibly stolen mail in and around her unlocked vehicle. An officer took custody of the mail and passed it along to several people whom the mail was addressed to and advised them to monitor their accounts for fraudulent activity.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

At 4PM on Thursday, APD’s K9 Officer was on patrol at South Fidalgo Bay Road and SR 20 when he observed a late model sedan driving approximately 15 miles per hour over the posted speed limit so he pulled the car over near Sharpes Corner to speak with the 25-year-old Mount Vernon driver. The driver admitted she was driving too fast because she was in a rush to get to work and her license was suspended. She was taken into custody for driving while license suspended and K9 T-Bone was deployed on the car but he did not alert to the presence of illegal narcotics in the car. The woman was later released at the scene with a copy of her citation. 

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