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Several cases this week of drivers caught driving with suspended licenses, but in one case a driver was stopped after being spotted exceeding the speed limit.

Just before 8AM on Thursday, an APD Officer on patrol in the 3900 block of H Avenue observed an older model pickup that was speeding so he pulled the vehicle over to inform the driver that he was driving 11 mph over the posted speed limit. The Concrete man driving the vehicle immediately admitted that he did not have a driver’s license or insurance for the pickup. The driver also admitted that he had a warrant for not appearing in court. The jail declined to book the driver on his warrant, but he was arrested on the warrant and questioned about his driving status. The driver stated that he was on his way to work and has not bothered to renew his license after it was revoked 4 years prior. The driver was later booked and released on his warrant and given a copy of his speeding ticket and given his infractions for no valid operator’s license and no insurance.

Here are some other cases Anacortes Police reported this week.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Just before 3AM on Saturday morning, a local hotel employee reported that her ex-boyfriend, a 35-year old from Anacortes, was on the property earlier in the evening despite being banned from the property a month prior. The male suspect was not on the premises when officers arrived, however, they were able to locate him at his home and he admitted to being near the property earlier in the evening. He was arrested on a trespassing charge and later released after agreeing to appear in court on a later date.  

Mid-morning on Saturday, an APD Officer on patrol on M Avenue observed a woman driving an SUV who quickly drove in the alleyway between 19th and 20th Streets upon seeing the officer. The officer drove his SUV up 20th Street to N Avenue to catch up to the vehicle that now had pulled out of the alley onto the roadway without stopping or signaling. Further, the SUV turned onto 19th Street but one of the brake lights did not work when it slowed for the corner. The car pulled to the side of the road and the officer turned his overhead lights on. As the officer exited his patrol car, the driver, a local 54-year old, exclaimed that she did not have a license and implied that she only had 3 more days before it was reinstated. A routine check confirmed that her license was suspended and she was taken into custody, cited for driving while license suspended, and given a ticket for operating a vehicle without insurance. She was then released from the scene.

Just after 7PM on Saturday, an APD Officer on patrol on R Avenue observed a female driver that was familiar to him and he ran a routine check on her driver’s license. The return revealed that her license was suspended, so the officer pulled her car over on SR 20 so he could speak with the 55-year old driver. The woman initially gave a false name to the officer, later admitting that she had lied to avoid going to jail. She was taken into custody for driving while license suspended and later given a copy of her driving charge and operating a vehicle without an ignition interlock since one was required on her vehicle and she did not have one. While the initial officer dealt with the driver, a backup officer struck up a conversation with the male passenger who admitted that there was drug paraphernalia in the car and he ultimately handed 3 straws containing heroin residue to the officer. The 61-year old was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia. The vehicle occupants consented to a search of the car, and several more paraphernalia items were discovered during the search. The man and woman were given a courtesy transport to the city and released.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Just before 6PM on Wednesday, APD Officers were dispatched to the 3800 block of O Avenue per the report of a possible domestic violence situation. The woman who called 911 was crying and stated that her husband left the area on a motorcycle. Officers were unable to locate the motorcycle, but spoke with the woman who stated that she and her husband were in an argument and she began packing her bags with the intention of going to stay with a relative. At the time the woman was packing her bags, her husband pushed her against the wall, slapped her across the face, and called her derogatory names. Officers did not locate the suspect that day, but charges for domestic violence assault were completed and provided to the court for mailing.

Thursday, December 29, 2018

A 31-year old Arlington woman faces possible drug and drug paraphernalia possession charges as well as a driving while license suspended charge as a result of contact she had with an Anacortes Police Officer late Thursday morning. The woman drove by an officer who was parked on 3rd Street but seemed obviously nervous while doing so. A short time later, the officer discovered why she was nervous—she had a suspended license and a small amount of methamphetamine and heroin in her pockets as well as pipes, straws and aluminum foil in her car.

Just before 5PM on Thursday, APD Officers were dispatched to a local medical office per the report of male in the lobby who was being aggressive with staff. Per employees, the man became upset when he was told that his insurance would not cover the glasses he wanted to purchase. A staff member then touched his arm in an attempt to calm him down which made him upset. Officers contacted the man at his home and he gave the same version of events. He was given a copy of a ban notice at the business’s request and he signed the notice, acknowledging that he was not to return for one year.

Friday, November 30, 2018

An Anacortes Police Corporal responded to the area of U Avenue and 3rd Street to investigate a possible vagrancy situation early Friday afternoon. The Corporal contacted a man who was sleeping in his pickup before going to work.

Note: Anacortes Police Department policy is to not include names or addresses of businesses or individuals that call 911 for police assistance, though this information is a matter of public record.

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