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A traffic accident at the new Sharpes Corner roundabout, as drivers learn the rules of the road.

A 21-year-old Bellingham woman was cited on for failing to obey a traffic control device after failing to exit the Sharpes Corner roundabout in an exit only lane, causing an accident around 5 p.m. on Tuesday, July 2. The woman was in the outside lane, which must exit for Oak Harbor. She failed to exit and a vehicle in the inside lane, which has the option to exit at Oak Harbor, began to leave the roundabout and struck the woman’s vehicle. There were no reported injuries.

Here are some other cases Anacortes Police reported this week.

Friday, June 29, 2018

A bartender called to report about seven men fighting around 1:40 a.m. in the parking lot in the 7600 block of Highway 20. The men were reportedly guests at a nearby hotel and the fight was continuing there. The group had initially come to the bar and been told it was closing and there would be no further sales. A 30-year-old Tacoma man allegedly started yelling, punched out some of the slats from the patio fence and then grabbed one of the support poles for the outdoor canopy and started violently shaking it. The canopy moved and caught the top of an outdoor heater, which fell over, causing damage. The man cited for malicious mischief and released.

A 60-year-old Anacortes man reported about $5 in loose change and a pack of cigarettes was stolen out of his unlocked vehicle in the 3900 block of J Avenue. He was suspicious of two juvenile males dressed in black who had asked the neighbor’s son for money. The area was checked but the juveniles were not located.

A 50-year-old Anacortes woman reported she was selling a gift card on Facebook and unknown people convinced her to send them pictures, including the security code. She had no contact information for the subjects and acknowledged there was nothing to be done.

A dog fight was reported at a dog park at Ninth Street and R Avenue around 12:15 p.m. The victim dog owner stated it wasn’t a big deal and understood the dog park is “enter at your own risk.” The suspect dog and owner had already left.

A 67-year-old Anacortes man facing a charge of criminal trespassing after an officer on bike patrol noticed him riding on the Tommy Thompson trestle. He had previously been banned from the trail as he was yelling obscene profanities at women as he passed them on his bicycle. The officer called out to the man, he reportedly turned around, looked at the officer, and rode away. The man has previously been charged for the same violation.

Insurance information, vehicle registration, a $50 Bluetooth ear piece, and miscellaneous change were reported stolen in two reported vehicle prowls. Vehicles were entered in the 1500 block of 40th Street and the 4000 block of J Avenue.

A 34-year-old Anacortes woman reported she saw someone trying to break into a business in the 2300 block of Commercial Avenue earlier in the day. A man in his mid-20s was seen trying a bunch of different keys trying to get in the front door. He eventually left in a vehicle. The woman was encouraged to call when an incident was occurring in the future. Officers plan to follow up to confirm any damage at the business and/or video surveillance.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

A 53-year-old Anacortes woman was arrested on a charge of DUI after officers were dispatched to a vehicle accident on Fidalgo Bay Road. The caller reported a white pickup truck in a ditch against a building around 3:45 p.m. The caller spoke to the female driver, who allegedly said this was a “really bad place to park.” When officers arrived they contacted the 53-year-old woman in the passenger seat drinking a 16 ounce can of Long Island ice tea. She claimed to not have been driving. A records check confirmed she was required to have an ignition interlock device, which was not installed, and had several previous DUI arrests. She refused to provide a breath test. Officers completed a search warrant for a blood draw. She was then booked into the county jail.

A caller reported seeing a woman go to two separate ATMs and after she left, he found a receipt indicating she had exceeded the number of allowable PIN attempts. An officer later made contact with the 60-year-old Rhode Island woman, who was visiting relatives. She said she had been to both ATMs earlier and could not get her PIN number to work. There was no crime committed.

Officers responded to two calls about an erratically driven red scooter headed in the direction of the ferry terminal around 7:30 p.m. The driver, a 43-year-old Friday Harbor man, was pulled over when an officer came upon him. He said he was trying to get back to San Juan Island and would leave the scooter behind if necessary. The officer asked what the trouble was with the bike, to which the man allegedly responded that the problem was him, as he’d had “too much to drink.” The man refused roadside sobriety tests and to provide a breath test. Officers completed a search warrant for a blood draw. He was booked into the county jail.

A 63-year-old Anacortes man called to report his black Cadillac was taken from the parking lot of Subway around 8:20 p.m. The man’s son was able to track the vehicle to the 1200 block of 19th Street. A 48-year-old Anacortes woman was home and claimed the vehicle belonged to her friend, who she drove home due to her friend’s level of intoxication. The man noted the vehicle will start with the key fob in proximity of the vehicle. He said he always leaves the fob in the unlocked vehicle. Officers determined the incident was a misunderstanding, as two black vehicles were parked next to each other in the lot. The intoxicated friend apparently guided the woman to the incorrect vehicle, which started because the key fob was inside.

A 34-year-old Anacortes man was taken to the hospital after reportedly overdosing. Police were dispatched to an O Avenue address where CPR was being done on the man. Narcan was administered as it the man had reportedly injected heroin and taken a Xanax. Medics revived the man and transported him to the hospital.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Police were called to a prowler complaint around 3 a.m. in the 8600 block of S. Marches Point Road. The caller reported seeing two subjects trying to break into a business. Officers found a large window had been broken out but the interior security bars appeared to be intact. A Skagit County Sheriff’s Office dog was called in and tracked a scent to a nearby area, where it is believed the suspects left in a vehicle. Several drops of blood were noticed and swabs were taken as evidence. Officers plan to review surveillance footage to help identify suspects. The investigation continues.

Several vehicle prowls were reported. A wallet containing identification, debit/credit cards and cash was reported stolen out of an unlocked vehicle in the 1300 block of Erie Avenue. Items were rummaged through in a locked vehicle in the 1400 block of 41st Street. It did not appear anything was taken. A vehicle registration and insurance information as well as a $600 digital camera were reported stolen from an unlocked vehicle in the 3400 block of F Avenue.

A man was playing fetch with his brother’s dog when a fawn jumped out of the bushes and the dog tried to play with it. The dog got excited and reportedly broke the fawn’s neck, which was dead when an officer arrived. The officer noted the dog was happy and did not show any signs of aggression. The fawn will be disposed of.

A $1,700 utility trailer was reported stolen from the 3100 block of Georgia Place. The owner last saw it on Wednesday, June 27, parked at a shop she owns. She checked with friends to make sure no one was borrowing it before reporting it stolen.

A caller reported seeing juveniles possibly tampering with an electrical box. An officer found a magnetic box attached to the electrical box, which was later determined to be for geocaching.

Officers were called to check on a man who was passed out under a bush in the caller’s yard. Officers contacted an extremely intoxicated of high 53-year-old Anacortes man. Medics were called and transported him to the hospital.

A caller reported people at the baseball field near 24th Street were hitting balls over a fence. A 23-year-old man told officers he had accidentally hit a softball over the fence from home plate and it had broken a neighbor’s window. A second 23-year-old Anacortes man said he was associated the with softball players and provided his contact information to the homeowner. All parties agreed to handle the matter among themselves.

Monday, July 20, 2018

A 25-year-old Anacortes woman reported coming home and finding her sister’s vehicle had been rear-ended and pushed into a neighbor’s front lawn in the 2700 block of 17th Street. Estimated damage is $3,000. Officers collected parts of the offending vehicle that were left behind. The investigation continues.

An 18-year-old Seattle man was cited for negligent driving after reportedly driving too fast, causing his card to slide and hit a curb in the 3100 block of M Avenue. The vehicle had a damaged and blown front left tire and officers found scrape marks from the tire that stretched for several blocks.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

A 34-year-old transient man was arrested on charges including residential burglary and vehicle prowl after police were called to a potential burglary. A homeowner reported someone came in through her garage door and tried to enter the house in the 3000 block of Calvin Court, activating an alarm. She was able to describe the man, who police contacted a short time later. The homeowner later found that two vehicles had been rummaged through as well. A search of the man resulted in officers finding a garage door opener to the home as well as drug paraphernalia.

About $20 in change was reported stolen from an unlocked vehicle in the 1500 block of Lowman Circle. A nearby neighbor reported his unlocked vehicle was rummaged through, though nothing was taken. Another caller reported his unlocked vehicle was riffled through in the 5500 block of Kingsway. A credit card case containing several rewards cards, a gift card and a health insurance card were stolen.

A 46-year-old Anacortes man reported someone had possibly tried to get into his back door on Kingsway before running off around 11:45 p.m. Officers checked the area but were unable to find anyone. The man said he heard a loud noise and searched his home. When he went outside, he announced he was armed and saw someone hop the fence and run away. A shed door was found open but nothing appeared to be missing.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

A resident in the 3600 block of Cedar Glen Way reported seeing a tent in the wooded area behind the residence. Officers checked the area and found the suspected tent to be a small makeshift fort most likely created by neighbor children.

A 22-year-old transient man was transported to the hospital after a caller requested a welfare check on the man, who was lying down in a doorway in the 800 block of Commercial Avenue around 8:45 p.m. Officers contacted the extremely intoxicated man, who appeared disoriented. Aid was called and transported the man to the hospital.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

A 49-year-old Anacortes man faces drug charges after allegedly ingesting meth during a traffic stop. An officer stopped the vehicle he was driving in the 2400 block of D Avenue around 2030 hours. Once the vehicle stopped, the officer noted the driver and the female passenger had changed seats. The man has a suspended license and an ignition interlock requirement, which was not installed in the vehicle. While talking with the woman, the officer noted the man was chewing something crunchy.  The officer inquired about the meth, and the man allegedly said they were trying to get clean and they only had a small bag, which was now gone. More drugs were found during a voluntary search of the vehicle. Both were released. Charges are pending.

Officers administered Narcan to a 38-year-old woman suspected of overdosing after being called to an apartment just before midnight. A friend was doing CPR when officers arrived. Medics arrived shortly after and transported her to the hospital.

Friday, July 6, 2018

A family misplaced their vehicle in the Washington State Ferries parking lot. Officers located it and reunited the family with their vehicle.

Note: Anacortes Police Department policy is to not include names or addresses of businesses or individuals that call 911 for police assistance, though this information is a matter of public record.

COVID-19 Cases in Skagit County

4,942 Confirmed Skagit Cases
400-409 Total Cases in ZIP 98221

318 Hospitalizations
67 Deaths
44,613 Fully Vaccinated
57,198 Initial Doses Given


379,100 Confirmed Cases Statewide
22,614 Hospitalizations

5,539 Deaths Statewide
2,419,434 Fully Vaccinated
3,368,279 Initial Doses Given

Updated 6 pm, May 5, 2021.

County Map: Confirmed COVID-19 cases by ZIP code in Skagit County. Updated weekly.

Sources: Skagit County Public Health, Washington State Department of Health, New York Times