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In a strange coincidence, Anacortes police stopped three vehicles with a broken or burned-out taillight or headlight in the first hour of Dec. 16.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

A 53-year old Anacortes man was arrested for driving under the influence just after midnight on Saturday morning after being pulled over by an APD Officer on the 3400 block of M Avenue. The sedan the man was driving was traveling 7 mph over the posted 25 mph speed limit in a residential area and it had a defective brake light. The man told the officer he had been drinking at a work Christmas party. A portable breath test sample provided by the driver yielded over the legal limit to safely operate his car and he was taken into custody and transported to APD for processing. He was later released to a sober family member.

A 54-year old Mount Vernon driver was contacted by police just after midnight on Saturday morning on SR 20 near R Avenue because of a defective brake light on the vehicle she was driving. A routine driver’s check revealed that the woman’s license was suspended as of 2015 and she was taken into custody and later released. A 46-year old man in the passenger’s seat was familiar to the officer and a records check on him revealed a felony and a misdemeanor warrant for his arrest. He was taken into custody on his warrants. K-9 T-Bone alerted to the presence of illegal drugs in the car and a search of the car revealed a bag under the passenger seat that contained baggies with methamphetamine residue and a pipe with meth residue. Officers also discovered a pipe in the trunk of the car. The passenger was taken to jail and booked on his warrants and an investigative hold for drug and drug paraphernalia possession. The driver faces driving with license suspended and possession of drug paraphernalia charges.

Just before 1AM on Saturday, an APD Corporal on patrol on SR 20 observed a late model sedan with a burnt-out headlight. The Corporal pulled the car over on South Marches Point Road and spoke with the 21-year old Mount Vernon driver. The woman was unable to provide a driver’s license, but provided her name and date of birth. A routine check revealed that she did not have a valid operator’s license and she had a warrant for theft out of Burlington Municipal Court. She was taken into custody and booked and released on scene for her warrant. She was also cited for no valid operator’s license without identification. Police also identified the male passenger in the vehicle in an effort to find a licensed driver to take the car from the scene. The 48-year old Mount Vernon man admitted there was a methamphetamine pipe under the front seat and it belonged to him. Officers searched the car and discovered a clear pipe with crystalline residue. The man was taken into custody, cited, and released for possession of drug paraphernalia.

A $500 Husqvarna chainsaw was stolen from the bed of a pickup on the 1500 block of 17th Street sometime between late evening on Friday and early morning on Saturday. There are no suspects.

A resident on Kingsway called police on Saturday to report a punctured oil container that had been left in their mailbox, possibly as a prank. No damage was done to the mailbox, just a mess to be cleaned up. The responding officer suggested that they install a surveillance system in the event that something like this occurs again.

The rear-mounted spare tire of a Jeep swung into two cars causing nearly $3,000 in damages to all vehicles involved. The Jeep owner told the responding APD Officer that someone had attempted to gain entry into his Jeep by pulling two pins in the spare tire mount, but he did not realize it until he was driving down the road and the mount swung out and struck two parked cars. There were no injuries.

An APD Corporal on patrol on Oakes Avenue observed a Volkswagen hatchback approach the intersection of Oakes Avenue and Anacopper Road at a speed seemingly higher than the posted 25 mph zone. Additionally, the car came to a stop at the stop sign approximately halfway into the middle of the intersection. The Corporal pulled the car over to speak with the 62-year old woman driving the car. The woman told the officer that she had a suspended license and also admitted that the medication she was on sometimes affects her. Additionally, the woman said she was eating while driving and a bowl of pie on the floor was smeared on the floorboard. She was taken into custody for driving with license suspended and failure to have an interlock device installed in her car as required by law. In the course of taking her into custody, the Corporal smelled alcohol on her breath and a voluntary breath sample taken on scene revealed that she was over the legal limit to safely operate a motor vehicle. The driver was booked in the county jail for DUI.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

A 23-year old Anacortes man was arrested for DUI just before 3AM on Sunday. The man was contacted on L Avenue for a broken taillight on his pickup and failure to use a turn signal. He apologized for failing to use his signal. When speaking with the man, the officer smelled alcohol coming from his breath and asked him if he had been drinking. The driver admitted to consuming beer that evening and provided a voluntary breath sample yielding over the legal limit to drive his car. In addition to the breath sample, the man performed voluntary roadside tests and had a difficult time following simple instructions and slurred his speech when counting aloud. He was taken into custody and transported to APD for processing, then later release to a sober friend after agreeing to show up for his court date in late December.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A 71-year old Anacortes woman was cited for failure to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk after her SUV struck a pedestrian crossing the street at 22nd and Commercial Avenue. The pedestrian was struck by the front wheel and side mirror of the vehicle, but she did not fall. The pedestrian complained of soreness on the right side of her body and medics arrived to perform a medical evaluation.  

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Just before noon on Wednesday, an APD Officer was dispatched to the 12000 block of Reservation Road per the report of a hit and run incident. The victim vehicle sustained approximately $200 in damage to the front license plate and bumper when a white pickup stopped in line in front of her backed up, struck her vehicle, then sped off to the east. The driver was unable to provide a vehicle description other than a white, dirty pickup.

A 53-year old Anacortes woman was stopped by an APD Officer on the 1700 block of Q Avenue for driving 15 mph over the posted 25 mph limit on Wednesday afternoon. A routine driver’s check revealed that her license was suspended as of October 2016 and she was taken into custody and later released from the scene with a copy of her driving with suspended license citation and speeding ticket.

Two juvenile males were arrested by Anacortes Police Officers just after 10PM on Wednesday. Officers were dispatched to a neighborhood near 38th Street and M Avenue after a resident in the area noticed someone prowling her vehicle and called 911. Officers contacted the two suspects nearby after a brief search of the area. One of the suspects fled on foot, throwing items while he ran, and was detained on 27th Street. Another suspect was taken into custody on 33rd Street. Both suspects smelled of alcohol and were booked in the Skagit County Juvenile Detention facility on investigative holds for theft, vehicle prowling, and minor in possession charges.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

A pickup on the 3800 block of R Avenue was rifled through sometime overnight. The victim had not looked closely through the vehicle at the time of the call to determine if anything was missing, however, the door was ajar when it was used in the morning.

A Kingsway resident called police to report that sometime overnight, someone had stolen a $20 string of ten two-foot tall candy cane Christmas lights.

Note: Anacortes Police Department policy is to not include names or addresses of businesses or individuals that call 911 for police assistance, though this information is a matter of public record.

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