Police Beat

A teenage male was booked in County Jail after being confrontational with police who were checking out a report of teens consuming alcohol.

Just after 2AM on Sunday, Nov. 19, APD Officers conducted a welfare check on a dropped 911 call in the area of B Avenue and 13th Street. The number returned to an 18-year female known to police and officers contacted her at a home on 13th Street. The woman smelled of alcohol, but initially denied that she had been drinking despite the strong smell of alcohol and empty alcohol containers strewn about the yard. Officers were allowed into the home and spoke with several teenagers who appeared to be having a party. Two late teen females and three late teen males were cited with minor in possession of alcohol. One of the subjects, a 19-year old male, was very confrontational with officers and was booked in the county jail on his charges.

Here are some other cases Anacortes Police reported on this week.

Saturday, November 18

Three juveniles were contacted at the old cannery building near K Avenue and 5th Street at 12:30 Saturday morning. The three did not enter the building and there was no damage. They were told to move along.

Sunday, November 19

An Anacortes Police Officer made a traffic stop at 27th and Commercial after observing a late model SUV traveling 17 mph over the posted 30 mph speed limit on Commercial Avenue. The driver, a 34-year old male from California, was arrested after his driver’s license returned with a suspended status. He was released from the scene with a copy of his citation and a speeding ticket.

Just after 7PM on Sunday, an APD Corporal on patrol on 12th Street observed an older model Jeep driving approximately 50 mph in the posted 30 mph zone. The car was stopped at 12th and D Avenue and the 28-year old Anacortes driver provided her expired driver’s license as a means to identify herself. A routine driver’s check revealed that her license was expired as of November 13 for failure to appear in court on an unpaid ticket. The driver was issued a driving with license suspended citation and a ticket for speeding and left to wait on scene for a licensed driver.

Monday, November 20

An industrial building on the 800 block of 20th Street had a broken window with a hole the size of a golf ball in it. The business owner stated that the damage must have occurred sometime overnight, though the suspect did not enter the building or cause any further damage. There are no suspects.

A 53-year-old man and 24-year-old man were arrested in Storvik Park late Monday morning after a park user called police to report suspicious activity in the bathroom. Both men are known to police and the younger male had a misdemeanor warrant for his arrest. He was taken into custody and later booked and released on his warrant. A search incident to arrest yielded a hard, white substance, possibly methamphetamines that he was carrying in a hand bag. During the officer interview with the 53-year old man, he continued to place his hands in his pockets despite commands not to do so. He was ultimately patted down for safety and a charged needle was discovered in his pocket. He was taken into custody as a result of the discovery of possible drugs in his possession. He was later released. Samples of the possible drugs were sent to the Washington State Patrol lab for analysis.

A 43-year old Mount Vernon man was arrested by an Anacortes Police Officer just after 8PM on Monday night. The officer contacted the man standing by his broken-down vehicle in a parking lot near Sharpes Corner to offer assistance. The man, known to police, became agitated by the officer’s presence and denied any offer of help, so the officer cleared the area and ran the plate on the vehicle which returned to the man he had just spoken with. In addition, the registered owner standing by the vehicle was determined to have an Anacortes Municipal Court warrant for Use/Delivery of Drug Paraphernalia. The officer returned to contact the subject and he again became agitated and walked briefly away, throwing a glass object that made an audible crash when it contacted the pavement. The man was taken into custody and a search of the area yielded a broken glass pipe with methamphetamine residue. A drug K-9 was deployed on the exterior of the vehicle and the dog displayed a change of behavior, consistent with the presence of drugs. The car was impounded and later searched, yielding an additional pipe and foil with burn marks, both commonly associated with ingesting illegal drugs. The man was booked and released on his warrants and faces possible drug paraphernalia possession charges.

Just before midnight on Monday, APD Officers responded to a grocery store on 11th and Commercial per the report of an alcohol theft. A 19-year old female suspect fled the area on foot and was subsequently contacted by officers after several eyewitness accounts that she was hiding in the bushes of a nearby restaurant. When told that she was being arrested for the grocery store theft, the woman attempted to walk away and struck the officer in the face in the process of being arrested. She was booked in the county jail on theft, assault, and minor in possession of alcohol charges.

Note: Anacortes Police Department policy is to not include names or addresses of businesses or individuals that call 911 for police assistance, though this information is a matter of public record.

COVID-19 Cases in Skagit County

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Sources: Skagit County Public Health, Washington State Department of Health, New York Times