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A regular user of the Tommy Thompson Trail called police on Thursday (Oct. 5) to report that an otter statue along the trail had its ears knocked off. The woman told police that she hugs the otter every time she walks the trail and the last time she hugged it, approximately two weeks prior, it had its ears intact.

Here are some other cases Anacortes Police reported on this week.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

On Saturday morning, APD Officers were made aware of a vehicle parked on Shannon Point Road that was associated with a local 31-year-old woman who had three misdemeanor warrants and one felony warrant. Officers searched the home for several minutes before they found the woman, hiding in a closet under a pile of clothing. She was taken into custody without incident and booked in the Skagit County Jail on her warrants. She also faces possible charging for violating a no contact order with one of the occupants of the home.

An APD Officer took a report of a broken mailbox on the 4200 block of H Avenue. The victim told police that it would cost approximately $50 to replace the box that was kicked over sometime the previous evening. There are no suspects.

On Saturday at 8PM, an APD Officer on patrol on Commercial Avenue observed a small sedan driving 34mph in the 25mph speed zone and pulled it over. A routine check on the driver revealed that he had a suspended license as of March 2016 and he was taken into custody for driving with license suspended. He was later released at the scene with a copy of his citation and a traffic ticket. A licensed passenger then drove the vehicle from the scene.

An Anacortes Police Officer observed a European sedan cross 12th Street illegally at O Avenue and he pulled the vehicle over on 14th Street. The 25-year old Anacortes driver had droopy, red eyes, and admitted to consuming alcohol earlier that evening. He took voluntary roadside sobriety tests but had a difficult time listening to simple instructions and maintaining his balance. He was taken into custody for DUI and transported to APD where he provided a breath sample over the legal limit to safely operate a motor vehicle. He was booked in the Skagit County Jail for DUI and given a copy of his infractions for failure to obey a traffic control device and failure to renew his vehicle registration that expired in March.

Sunday, October 1, 1027

On Sunday afternoon, a resident of West 8th Street called police to report that sometime since Friday someone had slashed a tire on two of his vehicles. There are no suspects.

Early Sunday afternoon, an APD Officer was on patrol on Reservation Road and contacted a woman in a minivan parked in the lot of a business that was closed for the weekend. A records check on the 61-year old Ferndale woman revealed that she had two misdemeanor theft warrants and she was taken into custody. The jail was not able to accept her for booking, so she was released at the scene.

Monday, October 2, 2017

A local resident called police to report that he attempted to sell a car part online and received a fraudulent check for the part in an amount exceeding the agreed upon price. He was advised to return the check and have no further contact with the subject attempting to purchase the item.

A late model SUV was keyed while parked at a downtown restaurant during the afternoon hours the previous week. It will cost the victim $850 to have the 18-inch scratch repaired. There are no suspects.

A San Juan Avenue resident called police to report that someone had entered his pickup sometime during the evening hours on Sunday night. There was no evidence of missing items from the vehicle.  

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

An elderly male wondered off from his apartment on N Avenue early Tuesday morning and a concerned family member called police to report that he was missing. A short time after police took the call, a man called police to report that he had found the man in the 1200 block of L Avenue. He was reunited with his family a short time later.

APD Officers were dispatched to a two-car accident on SR 20 on Tuesday morning. A 62-year old Oak Harbor woman was cited for following too closely because her BMW struck a Honda sedan that stopped abruptly in front of her as the two vehicles were merging into traffic at Sharpes Corner. There were no injuries.

A small-framed silver Gary Fisher mountain bike was reported stolen from the 1900 block of 23rd Street sometime in the previous several days. There are no suspects.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Just after midnight on Wednesday morning, an APD Corporal on patrol in the 2100 block of Commercial observed a vehicle passenger known to have a warrant for her arrest. The Corporal pulled over the car and arrested the 35-year old woman without incident. A search incident to arrest yielded cotton containing heroin residue. She was booked and released from the police department and given a new citation for possession of drug paraphernalia.

A blue Sun X3 Delta recumbent tricycle was stolen from an RV park on Fidalgo Bay Road. The bike is valued at approximately $1,000 and has aftermarket fenders on the wheels and a basket on the rear. There are no suspects in the theft.

On Wednesday afternoon, an APD Officer patrolling on eastbound SR 20 observed a vehicle associated with a local woman who has an invalid driver’s license. The officer pulled the vehicle over and spoke with the registered owner, a 21-year-old from Anacortes. The driver said she knew that her license was invalid and was on her way to pay the reissue fee. While they were speaking, the K-9 Officer arrived and deployed T-Bone on the exterior of the vehicle. T-Bone exhibited a change of behavior consistent with narcotics in the car. The driver and two passengers were asked why the dog would alert to the presence of drugs and all of them admitted to having needles and drug paraphernalia in the car. All three subjects were placed in handcuffs while the vehicle was searched. A search of the vehicle yielded various drug paraphernalia items, a small amount of heroin, and an unidentified pill remnant. The driver and a male passenger were released from the scene and advised to watch their mail for possible charges reference this incident. The third vehicle occupant, a 31-year old male, was determined to have a felony Department of Corrections warrant and he was transported to APD. A DOC Officer later arrived to take him into custody.   

Friday, October 6, 2017

On Friday afternoon, a property owner contacted police to report that he located a 15hp outboard motor in his yard on 36th Street that does not belong to him. The motor was covered with freshly cut branches and brush. He transported it to the police department where it was logged as found property.

Note: Anacortes Police Department policy is to not include names or addresses of businesses or individuals that call 911 for police assistance, though this information is a matter of public record.

COVID-19 Cases in Skagit County

4,695 Confirmed Skagit Cases
390-399 Total Cases in ZIP 98221

299 Hospitalizations
67 Deaths
37,483 Fully Vaccinated
52,143 Initial Doses Given


363,840 Confirmed Cases Statewide
21,743 Hospitalizations

5,428 Deaths Statewide
1,982,674 Fully Vaccinated
2,927,970 Initial Doses Given

Updated 6 pm, April 22, 2021.

County Map: Confirmed COVID-19 cases by ZIP code in Skagit County. Updated weekly.

Sources: Skagit County Public Health, Washington State Department of Health, New York Times

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