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(Updated) At approximately 5:30PM on Monday, an Anacortes Police Officer was dispatched to Sharpes Corner to investigate a possible road rage incident.

Investigation on scene revealed that a 50-year old Anacortes woman was driving aggressively on westbound SR 20 and attempted to wedge her vehicle into the front of the southbound turn lane towards Oak Harbor but the front vehicle did not allow her into the turn lane. She pulled in behind the lead car and intentionally tapped its bumper twice which led to a brief verbal exchange before she drove off. The officer completed a traffic infraction for 2nd Degree Negligent Driving which was sent to the court for mailing to the woman’s home.

Here are some other cases Anacortes Police reported on this week.

Saturday, November 19

Just after 1AM on Saturday, an Anacortes Police Officer on patrol at the intersection of 4th and Commercial observed an adult male strike another male in the back of the head. The officer activated the overhead lights on his vehicle and made contact with the suspect. Investigation on scene revealed that the 33-year old Rockport man had a minor verbal argument with the victim and later approached him from behind, striking him in the head. The Rockport man was taken into custody, cited for assault, and later released to a friend. 

Sunday, November 20

Approximately $3,000 worth of sporting goods and yard tools were stolen from an open garage on Saturday night sometime between 8:30 and 10PM. The 20th Street resident contacted police on Sunday afternoon to report the incident. There are no suspects.   

Monday, November 21

A 30-year old woman and 40-year old man, both from Anacortes, were booked and released by Anacortes Police Officers just after midnight on Monday morning. The woman was standing next to a broken down vehicle near Sharpes Corner and was observed and recognized by an officer on patrol. A records check revealed that she had two warrants out of the Skagit County District Court for 3rd Degree Driving With License Suspended. The male on scene also had two warrants out of Anacortes Municipal Court and the Skagit County Sheriff’s Office for which he was booked and released.

An Anacortes resident called the police on Monday morning to report a suspicious response he received to an online ad he had placed for his boat. A fraudster responded to his ad via email and sent a $1,600 check for the $200 item he was trying to sell. The victim thought this was suspicious, especially since the fraudster claimed to be from Texas, the check came from New York, and the return address on the envelope was from Colorado. The astute reporting party did not cash the check or send any money to the fraudster.  

APD took a report of a possible theft in progress in the 800 block of 24th Street just before 2AM on Monday. On arrival, an APD Corporal observed a man trying to move a flatbed truck out of the roadway by hand. The 41-year old subject was identified and a records check revealed that he had a warrant for Disorderly Conduct out of Skagit County District Court. He was placed under arrest and booked and released at the scene as the jail would not accept him for his warrant. The Corporal then cleared the scene.

An Anacortes Police Corporal on patrol on 32nd Street on Monday morning observed a van without a front license plate. The Corporal turned around and initiated a traffic stop in the 1400 block. The 30-year old Anacortes man was determined to have a suspended license as of March 2016. He was taken into custody just before 10:30 and released from the scene with a citation for 3rd Degree Driving With License Suspended. 

Late Monday morning the APD Animal Control Officer was dispatched to the 3300 block of G Avenue per the report of barking dogs, an issue that, per the reporting party, had been going on for two days. The ACO arrived on scene and observed two barking dogs at the residence. No one was home at the time she arrived, so she attempted to contact one of the home occupants via telephone to discuss the matter. Due to multiple warnings in the past, the dog owner was given an infraction for barking dog which was sent to the court for mailing. 

A 24th Street resident contacted police on Monday afternoon to report that someone had entered her unlocked vehicle over the weekend and stolen a small amount of cash and music CD’s. There are no suspects.

A 23-year old Anacortes man was taken into custody by Anacortes Police Officers late Monday night in a local motel room. Officers responded to a 911 call from a hotel representative who recognized the subject as been removed from the facility and ordered not to return. Police arrived and knocked on the room door several times with no response. Officers obtained a key from the front desk and entered the room, discovering a 46-year old Anacortes man known to have a warrant for his arrest. He was taken into custody without incident and booked in the Skagit County Jail on his warrant. A search of his wallet yielded a small plastic baggie containing methamphetamine. The 46-year old now also faces a possible Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act charge. Officers continued to search for the 23-year old male to be trespassed from the hotel. He had wedged himself under a bed and was extracted and taken into custody. A search incident to arrest yielded a pipe, needles, and a spoon plus additional drug paraphernalia. He was cited for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and agreed to appear in municipal court for his court date in December. He was later released.

Tuesday, November 22

Just after 1AM on Tuesday, an Anacortes Police Corporal was on patrol at the upper Cap Sante viewpoint. The Corporal observed a parked red pickup and contacted the lone occupant, a 26-year old Sedro Woolley woman asleep in the passenger seat. With a knock on the window, the Corporal awakened the woman and advised her that the area was closed from 10pm-5am. She provided her ID and a records check showed that she had a felony warrant out of San Juan County for Possession of a Controlled Substance without a Prescription and a Skagit County District Court warrant for 3rd Degree Driving With License Suspended. She was taken into custody and booked in jail on her warrants.

Wednesday, November 23

Approximately $400 worth of biking gear was stolen from two unlocked vehicles parked on Rosario Way on Tuesday evening. The incident may be related to an additional vehicle prowl that occurred at approximately the same time on an adjacent street.

On Wednesday morning, an APD Officer took a report of a stolen laptop computer that was removed from the trunk of an unlocked vehicle parked on Sugarloaf Street sometime overnight.

Thursday, November 24

At approximately 11:40PM on Thanksgiving Day, Anacortes Police Officers were dispatched to a physical domestic that had just occurred between two patrons at a downtown restaurant. Investigation on scene revealed that a 20-year old Seattle woman got into a verbal argument with her spouse, dug her fingernails into his hand and later lunged at him but he was able to move out of the way before she struck him. The 20-year old woman was taken into custody and booked in the Skagit County Jail for DV Assault.

Just before midnight on Thanksgiving, an Anacortes Police Officer on patrol observed a silver SUV with the driver’s door open parked partially in the eastbound lane of 32nd Street in the 1500 block. The officer recognized the 44-year old woman in the passenger’s seat and confirmed via a records check that she had a warrant for her arrest. She was taken into custody without incident and booked in the Skagit County Jail on her warrant. 

Friday, November 25

Approximately $5 in loose change and a $160 pair of sunglasses was reported stolen from a vehicle parked on Skyline Way. The vehicle owner was unsure of the time frame, but it is thought to have been associated with other vehicle prowls that occurred in the same area in the previous 1-2 days. 

Note: Anacortes Police Department policy is to not include names or addresses of businesses or individuals that call 911 for police assistance, though this information is a matter of public record.

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