Police Beat

Things could have been much worse Thursday for a 12 year-old boy who rode his bike downhill through a stop sign onto M Ave without stopping, hitting the side of a car.

He flew over his bike’s handlebars when he hit the car, fortunately only resulting in scrapes and not more serious injuries.  The driver of the car involved in the accident suffered no injuries, although more than a $1,000 in damage was done to his car.  In addition, it was discovered that his license was suspended for not paying for some traffic tickets. The 30-year-old Mount Vernon man was issued a citation for driving on a suspended license. 

Here are some other cases Anacortes Police worked on this week.

Saturday, October 3

Just after one AM an Anacortes Sergeant stopped a vehicle on Commercial Ave after observing it speeding and weaving down the road.  The 35-year-old woman driving the car admitted that she had been drinking wine, but claimed it was only a glass or two.  During sobriety checks it was obvious to the Sergeant that the woman had more than two glasses of wine; she was clearly intoxicated and was placed under arrest for DUI.  At the station the woman provided breath samples that were almost 1.5 times the legal limit of .08 blood alcohol level.  Her car was impounded and she was issued a citation for DUI. 

Officers responded to an address on 25th H Ct where two adult men had been reported in a fistfight. Investigation revealed that one man had come to the residence of his ex-wife and her husband to pick up his two daughters. When he arrived one daughter came out of the house and claimed that the ex-wife’s husband had assaulted her.  The man went to the front door in order to get his other daughter out of the house and an argument ensued between the two men, resulting in a fistfight.  Neither man wanted to pursue assault charges against the other; however, officers were able to determine that the juvenile daughter had in fact been assaulted while in the residence.  They took the 40 year-old male resident of the home in to custody for the assault upon his stepdaughter and he was booked in to jail. 

Just after 9:00 PM Mount Vernon PD advised that they were looking for a vehicle that had left Mount Vernon and was possibly enroute to the Anacortes area.  A witness had reported that a man and woman were arguing in the car and that the man had struck the woman in the face.  A short time later an Anacortes Officer spotted the car on Commercial Ave. It parked and a man got out and began to walk away.  The officer contacted the man and noted that he was clearly intoxicated.  Other officers went to the car and found a woman there who had been struck in the face.  The driver, a 65-year-old Anacortes man, was taken in to custody for Domestic Violence Assault as well as DUI. 

Monday, October 5

An Anacortes resident reported that she had accidently lost her wallet while shopping at a downtown market. She later found the wallet, which contained her ID and address, wedged in to the front door of her home.  Everything was in the wallet except for $300 in cash. She also learned that someone had used her credit card to make a $400 purchase at a store on Commercial Ave. Investigation is ongoing in to this matter.

Police responded to an assault in the Skyline Marina after two men, one 53 and the other 66 years of age, came to blows over plugging in a boat’s power supply.  When one man plugged his boat’s power cord in where the other man thought it did not belong, an argument began.  Ultimately, one of the men unplugged the other’s boat and threw the electrical “pigtail” connector into the water.  The older man then punched the other man in the face.  He has been charged with Assault in the 4th Degree and has an upcoming court date. 

Officers responded to assist with traffic control at a residential structure fire on Kingsway at about 4:30 PM.  Extensive damage was done to the structure, which started on the backside of the home and went in to the attic space.  The homeowners were not at home at the time of the fire.  The Fire Department was investigating the cause of the fire, but foul play is not suspected.

Tuesday, October 6

Just before 8:00 AM an Officer recognized the driver of a vehicle that drove past the Police Station as a 26-year-old Anacortes man with warrants out for his arrest for Criminal Trespass, Theft and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.   He made a traffic stop on the vehicle and took the suspect in to custody.  The warrants were confirmed and the suspect was taken to jail. 

A marina employee called to request that two people be removed from the marina property.  Officers contacted the man and woman, who were both in the men’s bathroom / shower area of the marina.  The two told officers that they were trying to save money by both utilizing the same pay shower.  Investigation revealed that they did not have a boat in the marina, so they were advised to move along or face trespass charges. 

Wednesday, October 7

An Anacortes Officer responded to a motor vehicle accident on Highway 20 near Christenson Road.  While investigating that accident, two more accidents occurred right nearby.  Traffic was tied up for quite some time until all the accidents could be taken care of and the roadway cleared. 

At about 8:00 PM several people reported a hit and run accident that had just occurred on K Avenue.  Responding officers found that several parked vehicles had been struck by a Buick sedan that had fled the scene.  Based upon information gathered from witnesses, Officer located the vehicle nearby as it was being parked in a driveway.  The 92-year-old driver admitted that he realized that he should have stopped at the scene, but stated he was concerned about losing his license to drive.  He was issued a citation for Hit and Run with a future court date.  A Driver’s Re-Examine form was also submitted to the Dept. of Licensing to ensure that it was still safe for him to drive.

Thursday, October 8

Just after midnight an Officer stopped a pickup truck after observing some equipment violations.  The driver admitted that he knew that he was not supposed to be driving because his license was suspended.  The Officer confirmed that information through the Dept. of Licensing and then issued the 28-year-old Burlington man a citation for Driving with a Suspended License with a future court date.  The vehicle was left legally parked at the scene.

At about 2:00 AM an Officer made a traffic stop on Commercial Ave. The 24-year-old driver of the vehicle was found to be a Burlington woman with two warrants out for her arrest for Driving on a Suspended License and for Negligent Driving.  She had failed to appear in court for both charges, resulting in warrants for her arrest.  A record’s check also showed that her license was suspended and she was not supposed to be driving.  The woman was taken in to custody, issued a citation for suspended driving, and then booked in to the county jail. 

High School administrators requested that School Resource Officer Dotzauer assist with the removal of a 15 year-old student who was swearing at staff members and refusing to abide by school rules.  The student was advised that he was suspended and then asked to wait outside the school.  Officer Dotzauer waited with the student until his parents arrived. During a discussion with them new information came to light and the student was advised that he was under arrest.  He attempted to flee, but was placed under arrest by Officer Dotzauer after a short scuffle.  The youth was subsequently booked in to Skagit County Juvenile Detention. 

At 3:30 PM Officers were advised that a theft had just occurred behind the Anacortes Middle School.  Investigation revealed that a juvenile male had grabbed a backpack that was on the ground and ran off with it.  He was last seen on 22nd Street by the victim.  Inside the backpack was an Apple iPhone and officers were able to use the Internet to locate the phone and backpack at an address on 32nd Street.  Upon arriving at the address they were able to recover the stolen items and confirm the identity of the thief, who is facing charges of Theft in the 2nd Degree.  During the investigation Officers also ran across a juvenile female who was a signed juvenile runaway and had a warrant out for her arrest.  She was taken in to custody and her parents were contacted and advised that she had been located.

Friday, October 9

Officers went to a residence on 32nd Street after confirming that a male subject living there with his relatives had a felony warrant out for his arrest from the Dept. of Corrections.  He also had two misdemeanor warrants from local courts.  As Officers positioned themselves around the home the suspect tried to climb out a window and escape.  He was talked out of his efforts and taken in to custody.  He was then transported to the Skagit County Jail and booked. 

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