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A camper at Washington Park contacted Police on Sunday afternoon, Sept. 6, to report approximately $750 in damage to the rear window and roof of her vehicle that was sustained while parked at a camp site. An APD Officer investigated on scene and determined that the vehicle was struck by a fallen branch approximately 4 inches in diameter. It was determined that the incident was not a result of criminal activity.

Here are some other cases Anacortes Police worked on this week

Sunday, September 6

10:23 am.  A 41 year-old Anacortes woman was issued an infraction for Failure to Stop/Yield at Intersection on Sunday morning when the SUV she was driving struck another car at the intersection of 8th Street and O Avenue, causing it to swerve off the road. The driver of the victim vehicle was transported to the hospital for minor injuries and her car was towed from the scene.

3:43 pm.  A resident on H Avenue contacted Police on Sunday afternoon to report that two eggs had been thrown at her house on the evening of September 2nd. There was no damage done to the home and there are no suspects.

Monday, September 7

1:39 am.  A 38 year-old Oak Harbor woman was contacted by an Anacortes Police Officer on patrol early Monday morning. The woman was driving east on 41st Street at approximately 10 mph above the posted 25 mph allowed in that area and the officer initiated a traffic stop. Further investigation revealed that the woman was driving with a license that had been suspended for unpaid tickets since July 2015. She was taken into custody and cited and released on scene for Driving With License Suspended 3rd Degree. 

5:14 pm.  An Anacortes Police Officer on patrol in the 200 block of N Avenue recognized an occupied white sedan parked in the area as a vehicle belonging to a subject known to Police. Further investigation revealed that the subject had three warrants for Driving With License Suspended. The Officer contacted the 43 year-old man in the driver’s seat and informed him of the warrants. The man immediately expressed frustration and attempted to put his hand in his left front pants pocket instead of placing both hands on the wheel of the car as instructed by the officer. The officer drew her Taser and a backup officer was called to the scene. A few moments later, both officers took the subject into custody without incident. A search incident to arrest yielded a plastic baggy with a white substance consistent with methamphetamine. The suspect also allowed the officer to search a backpack in the car which contained a realistic pistol BB gun. The subject was transported to the Skagit County Jail and booked on his warrants and an investigative hold for Violation of the Controlled Substances Act.

Tuesday, September 8

12:30 pm.  An Anacortes woman contacted Police to report the theft of $400 in cash from her wallet on the afternoon of September 3rd. The woman told the APD Officer that she had gone to a salon downtown and had dropped her wallet when she got out of her car. Upon her return to the car, she found her wallet lying open next to the vehicle with the cash missing. There are no suspects in this incident.

Wednesday, September 9

7:40 pm.  An Anacortes Police Officer responded to the 2400 block of T Avenue per the report of a man who had just been attacked by a dog in the area. Investigation on scene revealed that the man had been walking his dog on leash in the area, when a large dog running off-leash attacked his dog. The man tried to break up the fight between the two dogs, and the loose dog turned on him, biting him twice on the leg. Shortly after the dog fight, a woman drove up in her SUV and loaded up the loose dog without identifying herself. Police later spoke with the owner of the SUV who stated that she owned the dog who attacked the man. She also stated that she thought that the area was clear so she let her dog run off leash. The dog owner was ultimately cited for Dog at Large—Dog Bite and provided notice that her dog had been declared dangerous.

10:36 pm.  An Anacortes Police Officer contacted three males at Cap Sante Lookout at approximately 10:30 on Wednesday evening to inform them that the park was closed. The men identified themselves and one of the men, a 26 year-old from Los Angeles, was found to have an extraditable Department of Corrections warrant out of California for a parole violation, Assault 1st Degree, issued in August 2015. He was transported to the Skagit County Jail for booking on an investigative hold for Fugitive from Justice.

Thursday, September 10

7:00 am.  A 38 year-old Anacortes man was issued a traffic infraction for Following Too Close on Thursday morning when the Oldsmobile sedan he was driving struck the rear of Subaru on “O” Avenue in Anacortes. The driver was looking to the side and did not notice the vehicle slowing with its left turn signal on. The driver of the victim vehicle sustained minor injuries.

2:42 pm.  An Anacortes Police Sergeant was dispatched to a two-car accident in the 900 block of 11th Street in Anacortes. The Sergeant initially spoke with the driver of a Dodge Caravan who admitted that he had exited a parking lot in the area and struck the driver’s side of a Prius that was passing by. The 29 year-old Mount Vernon man driving the minivan admitted to driving without a license and further investigation revealed that his driving status was suspended as of January 2013 for failure to appear for unpaid tickets. He was issued a Driving With License Suspended citation and infraction for failure to grant right of way to auto. There were no injuries.

Friday, September 11

8:23 am.  An Anacortes Police Officer responded to the call of a red BMW driving fast up and down Erie Mountain Drive. The Officer initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle per the description provided and spoke with the 23 year-old Bellingham man driving the vehicle. The man initially stated that he had not been driving the vehicle on Erie Mountain Drive, but later admitted that he had been the person driving, and apologized for his actions. The Officer also discovered that the man was driving with a suspended license that had been suspended since May 2015 for unpaid tickets. The man was issued a criminal citation for Driving With License Suspended 3rd Degree and released from the scene. 

Updated Monday, Sept 14, 9:00 pm.

COVID-19 Cases in Skagit County

4,942 Confirmed Skagit Cases
400-409 Total Cases in ZIP 98221

318 Hospitalizations
67 Deaths
44,613 Fully Vaccinated
57,198 Initial Doses Given


379,100 Confirmed Cases Statewide
22,614 Hospitalizations

5,539 Deaths Statewide
2,419,434 Fully Vaccinated
3,368,279 Initial Doses Given

Updated 6 pm, May 5, 2021.

County Map: Confirmed COVID-19 cases by ZIP code in Skagit County. Updated weekly.

Sources: Skagit County Public Health, Washington State Department of Health, New York Times