Police Beat

Updated Aug. 31 to include police activity during and following the windstorm including two car crashes at Sharpes Corner, powerline hanging over Oakes Ave. prompting rerouting of traffic to and from the ferry terminal. 

Friday, August 21

8:39 am.  The owner of a lot in West Anacortes contacted Police on Friday to report that his tool trailer had been broken into overnight. The suspect stole approximately $3,700 worth of tools from the trailer and has not yet been identified by police.

Saturday, August 22

11:23 pm.  A 23 year-old Anacortes man was arrested on two counts of 4th Degree Assault Domestic Violence and one count of Malicious Mischief Domestic Violence. Police were dispatched to Parkside Drive late Saturday evening per the report of two men fighting at the residence. The first officer on scene spoke with an intoxicated male who admitted to striking his friend because he was jealous of him. Police interviewed others on scene and determined that a male and female were struck by the assailant and he also damaged a bathroom door during the altercation. He was taken into custody and transported to APD, then to the Skagit County Jail where he was booked on his charges.  

Monday, August 24

7:50 am.  Approximately $500 worth of tools was stolen from a contractor’s trailer parked near a jobsite on 17th Street in Anacortes. The trailer was entered sometime over the weekend. There are no suspects at this time.

10:48 am.  An Anacortes Police Officer spoke with a local citizen who reported the theft of a $20 fishing pole from his unlocked home sometime in the previous week. Nothing else of note was missing from the home and there are no suspects.

11:48 pm.  A 20 year-old Anacortes man was cited and released for driving with a suspended license late Monday evening when the Honda Accord he was driving was pulled over for having a defective muffler by Anacortes Police near SR20 and Thompson Road. Investigation on scene revealed that the driver’s license was suspended since June 2014 for unpaid tickets. The driver was cited and released from the scene and the driver and the passenger, who had a valid license, drove from the scene.

Tuesday, August 25

6:32 am.  Early Tuesday morning, APD took a report of a stolen light blue 2005 Ford Mustang from the driveway of a residence on 11th Street. According to the owner, the vehicle was taken sometime during the previous evening. By mid-morning, APD recovered the stolen vehicle, parked and vacant within city limits. Investigation continues.

9:33 am.  APD received a call reference an 87 year-old woman who had wandered off from a local bank. The reporting party was unable to locate the woman and called police after several minutes of searching. She was later located at a salon for a previously established hair appointment.

4:05 pm.  Anacortes Police were dispatched to an undisclosed area in central Anacortes per the report of a bloody arrow found by children playing in the area. The officer on scene found several hoof prints in the dirt near to the location where the arrow was found. No additional blood was found in the area.

5:36 pm.  An Anacortes resident on 11th Street contacted APD to report that someone had accessed her unlocked vehicle and poured tomato juice on the driver’s seat. There are no suspects.

An Anacortes Police Officer was dispatched to Washington Park Tuesday evening after a report of a nude woman acting strangely in the park. The woman was attempting to leave in a silver sedan as they arrived, but did stop to speak with the officer who approached her. The woman was speaking nonsensically when asked basic questions such as her date of birth and other questions necessary to positively identify her. Further investigation revealed that the woman suffered from a mental health condition and had not been taking her medications. She was transported to the hospital for an involuntary mental health evaluation.

Wednesday, August 26

2:22 am.  Anacortes PD was dispatched to 5th Street per the report of a woman being assaulted by a friend that evening. Investigation on scene revealed that two women had been to a local bar and upon leaving the establishment, engaged in a verbal argument that escalated to physical contact. The victim decided not to press charges against her friend and was later booked and released on a confirmed warrant. 

Friday, August 28

11:05 am.  A resident called to report receiving a phone call from someone who claimed to be verifying identification information as part of a home refinancing program.  Fortunately, the caller spotted the scam and did not give out any personal or financial information.

11:05 am.  A two vehicle accident occurred on Oakes Ave when traffic stopped and a motorcycle rear-ended the vehicle in front of it.  The driver of the motorcycle was taken to the hospital for an arm injury.

1:00 pm.  Officers contacted an intoxicated 50 year-old man near Ferry Terminal Road after receiving complaints that he was causing a disturbance and refusing to leave a local business.  The man was belligerent, vulgar and loud. Officers were able to determine that he was trying to get a ferry ride back to the islands.  He was transported down to the State Ferry Dock and offered the opportunity to simply wait for the next ferry and ride home. Instead, he continued his loud, vulgar tirades and was arrested for Disorderly Conduct and subsequently booked in to the county jail. 

Saturday, August 29

1:30 am.  Officers responded to a domestic assault call on 20th Street in which a 59 year-old man claimed that he was punched in the face by a woman that lives with him.  The 40 year-old suspect had fled the residence prior to officers arriving. Police are still trying to locate her regarding this reported domestic assault.

10:15 pm.  Officers contacted a man and a woman sleeping in the bandstand of Causland Park. Based upon their having been repeatedly told in the past that they cannot sleep in the parks, they were each issued a trespass notice and told not to return or they could be arrested. 

11:35 am.  Officers were advised that a large tree limb had broken off in the high winds and landed in the PSE substation in the 1300 blk of Q Ave.  Power was knocked out all along Commercial Ave, including all of the traffic lights.  PSE was immediately advised, but it would be almost 10 PM before power was restored along the Commercial Ave corridor.

12:35 pm.  During the height of the windstorm a branch broke off and knocked down a power line that crosses Oakes Ave just east of Ferry Terminal Road.  The line was left hanging several feet over the roadway, closing the road completely.  APD and AFD personnel, along with a passing State Trooper initially closed off the road and directed traffic through the Clearidge neighborhood as a detour.  A city street crew later arrived and placed more signage for the detour. City street personnel stayed on duty at the closure overnight until a PSE crew could come and repair the line and get the road re-opened.

1:40 pm.  A falling limb knocked lines down on to the roadway on 17th Street near J Ave.  The roadway was closed off for several hours until a PSE crew could respond. 

4:30 pm.  Several callers dialed 911 to report that all of the traffic lights along Hwy 20 from the Slough Bridges to Sharpe’s Corner were completely dark.  PSE and DOT were notified, but the lights remained non-operational for several hours.

7:25 pm.  A homeowner on Rosario Way called to report the theft of license plates from a vehicle parked in front of his house.  The suspect vehicle in the theft was reported to be a brown S-10 pickup, or a very similar vehicle.  The stolen plates are B05869V, call 911 if you see them.

9:00 pm.  A homeowner on Tweed Place reported a residential burglary in which the front door of the residence was kicked in while no one was home. 

9:45 pm.  The owner of a restaurant on Commercial Ave discovered that someone had broken in to the closed business during the power outage and wind storm.  Entry was made by breaking a back window.  Bottles of alcohol were taken.

10:50 pm.  A loud alarm was reported and was traced to the National Guard Armory located on M Ave.  No callouts could be located to come and shut the alarm off and the alarm sounded through the night and in to the next day, generating a number of 911 calls.  Eventually, a Guard member with the proper key and code responded and shut off the alarm.

10:50 pm.  Officers responded to a family argument at an address on Morton Ave.  While they were present at the residence an 18 year-old male pushed an adult woman and was immediately taken in to custody for Domestic Violence – Assault.  He was searched following his arrest and some stolen pills were found in his pocket.  The male was booked in to the Skagit county jail.

Sunday, August 30

6:45 am.  A resident of L Ave called to report that his blue, 1992 Chevrolet Cavalier had been stolen overnight.  The vehicle has black rims and is missing its front grill. The plates on the stolen car are 164XYZ.  Please call 911 if you see the vehicle.

8:00 am.  A 36 year-old Anacortes man was booked into the Skagit County Jail after being arrested for Domestic Violence – Assault as well as the crime of Interfering with the Reporting of Domestic Violence.  The man, who resides on 8th Street, allegedly assaulted his wife and threatened to burn down their home.  He also prevented her from calling 911 by taking her cell phone. 

10:45 am.  Officers responded to a two car, minor-injury collision at Sharpe’s Corner.  The collision occurred in the intersections while the traffic light was not functioning due to the windstorm.

11:15 am.  One vehicle rear-ended another at the intersection of Reservation Rd and Highway 20 while the traffic light was non-operational.  The car in front had stopped, as is proper, since the non-working light should be treated as a four-way-stop.  The following car ran in to the stopped vehicle and then left the scene.  Officers were able to identify and contact the other driver at NAS Whidbey via phone.  He admitted to leaving the scene and was advised that he was being cited for Hit and Run on an attended motor vehicle.

7:40 pm.  An alert Safeway employee spotted a man as he walked out of the store with a sack full of unpaid for items.  She confronted him and he dropped the sack and fled to his car, which he then drove quickly from the parking lot, almost hitting other cars in the process. The man’s likely identity has been ascertained and Officers are working with the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office to contact the suspect. 

COVID-19 Cases in Skagit County

5,302 Confirmed Skagit Cases
460-469 Total Cases in ZIP 98221

350 Hospitalizations
74 Deaths
61,181 Fully Vaccinated
68,746 Initial Doses Given


410,195 Confirmed Cases Statewide
24,930 Hospitalizations

5,810 Deaths Statewide
3,637,611 Fully Vaccinated
4,122,446 Initial Doses Given

Updated 5:00 pm, June 17, 2021.

County Map: Confirmed COVID-19 cases by ZIP code in Skagit County. Updated weekly.

Sources: Skagit County Public Health, Washington State Department of Health, New York Times