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Police arrested a man who had led officers on a chase on several streets after an officer tried to make a routine traffic stop.

On Monday morning (July 20), an Anacortes Police Officer on patrol on Sunset Avenue near Shannon Point Road observed a blue Honda Civic traveling eastbound at 50 mph in the posted 25 mph speed zone. The officer pursued the vehicle with his lights on and caught up with it near the traffic light at Sunset and Ferry Terminal Road where the vehicle stopped and pulled to the shoulder. A moment later, the vehicle sped off once again and pulled away from the officer traveling eastbound on Oakes Avenue. The pursuit then continued in an out-and-back on the Harbor View Place cul-de-sac, then back to Oakes Avenue, up Anacopper Mine Road. The Civic was last seen traveling at excessive speeds on West 3rd Street, when officers decided to stop the pursuit. At one point during the pursuit, the suspect vehicle struck the hitch of a truck causing damage to the front end.

On Monday evening, Anacortes Officers located the suspect vehicle in a local marina parking lot and were able to locate the suspect on a boat in a slip associated with his vehicle. He was taken into custody without incident for investigation of Eluding and MVA Hit and Run charges as well as a Department of Corrections warrant for Escape from Community Custody. He was then transported to the Skagit County Jail.

Here are some other cases Anacortes Police worked on this week

Saturday, July 18

3:54 pm.  Anacortes Police Officers contacted a group of juveniles at Washington Park per the report of an assault that had occurred that afternoon. Per the report of witnesses on scene, two juvenile males had gotten into a physical altercation when water was spilled on the suspect and he responded by punching another juvenile male in the face. Officers contacted the suspect a short time later and confirmed that he had a warrant for Disorderly Conduct out of the Skagit County Sheriff’s Office. He was taken into custody and transported to the Skagit County Juvenile Detention Center on his warrant. It was later determined that the victim does not wish to pursue charges at this time.

5:55 pm.  APD Officers were dispatched to a domestic in the 800 block of 9th Street on Saturday afternoon. A highly intoxicated 54 year-old Maple Valley man was taken into custody on two counts of Domestic Violence Assault per the report of physically pushing his significant other and grabbing the neck of his sister. This was the third time officers had contacted the subject that afternoon. He was taken to the Skagit County Jail and booked on his charges.

10:01 pm.  A 32 year-old Anacortes man was taken to the Skagit County Jail on an investigative hold early Monday morning following a domestic violence report taken over the weekend. On Saturday evening at approximately 10 PM Anacortes officers responded to Burrows Court per the report of a female screaming in the area. They responded to speak with an adult woman at that location who stated that she confronted her boyfriend about drinking and driving. At that time, the two of them began yelling at each other and she asked him to move out. The situation escalated further when they began arguing over a pressure washer owned by the woman and ultimately the male subject grabbed her neck several times, for approximately 15 seconds each occurrence, until she wrestled herself free. The male subject eluded Police until they found him at midnight on Sunday.

10:40 pm.  An Anacortes Police Sergeant responded to Hillcrest Drive per the report of a male subject who had entered at least one residence in the area. One couple living in the area stated that a male subject had entered their residence without permission and stated that he lived there. He was escorted out of the residence and observed walking down the street knocking on other doors as he walked through the neighborhood. The APD Sergeant contacted the 19 year-old subject, who was very unsteady on his feet, swaying back and forth. The male stated that he had had approximately 5 beers and that he was now walking down the street to make sure that his friends were not driving. He was taken into custody for a Minor in Possession charge and transported to his home down the street where he was released to a family member.

Sunday, July 19

7:03 am.  An Anacortes Police Officer responded to the area of 911 11th Street per the report of a black lab who was loose in the area. “Biscuit” successfully eluded several citizens and the responding officer, but with the help of several citizens and a neighbor, “Biscuit” was successfully taken into custody returned to her rightful owner.

4:45 pm.  Anacortes PD Officers were dispatched to the 800 block of 30th Street in Anacortes per the report from an adult female that she had been in a physical fight with her boyfriend earlier that afternoon. Per the woman’s report, her boyfriend physically pushed her out of the apartment causing visible marks. As a result of their investigation, APD Officers took the male subject into custody and transported the 51 year-old to Skagit County Jail on charges of Assault 4th Degree Domestic Violence.

10:11 pm.  An Oak Harbor man told Police that he was involved in a physical altercation with a group of juveniles on a trail near Whistle Lake that afternoon. The subject stated that he had consumed a large amount of alcohol that afternoon and verbally confronted the juveniles in the park when they “jumped” him. The subject told Police that he does not wish to pursue charges at this time.

11:27 pm.  A 25 year-old Anacortes man was booked and released on a 3rd degree Malicious Mischief Domestic Violence as well as an outstanding Mount Vernon Municipal Court Warrant on Sunday evening. Investigation by APD Officers that evening revealed that the subject was reported to have cut a screen door and drywall as well as removed a curtain rod from the wall. He was taken into custody and provided a courtesy transport to a location within city limits.

Wednesday, July 22

3:56 pm.  A 15 year-old Anacortes juvenile with a warrant for disorderly conduct was taken to jail by Anacortes Police on Wednesday afternoon in the 3200 block of M Avenue. An officer on patrol saw the juvenile walking in the area and was aware of the active warrant. A subsequent search incident to arrest revealed a partially empty fifth of Crown Royal Whisky in the subject’s backpack. The juvenile was taken to the Skagit County Juvenile Detention Center and a referral for a new charge of Minor in Possession was sent to the court for mailing. 

5:24 pm.  An Anacortes woman called Police when she discovered that someone had gained entry to her unlocked vehicle on Wednesday afternoon while she was at work. Nothing of value was missing from the vehicle except for her registration and insurance card. There are no suspects. 

Thursday, July 23

8:09 am.  A 22 year-old Mount Vernon was contacted by an Anacortes Police Officer on Thursday morning in the 2800 block of D Avenue for driving 40 mph in a posted 30 mph speed zone. The driver apologized to the officer and stated that he did not have a driver’s license. He was cited and released for driving with license suspended.

12:09 pm.  An Anacortes resident reported the theft of a battery powered weed whacker, valued at approximately $130, had been taken from her front yard sometime in the previous two weeks. No suspects in this case.

Friday, July 24

11:42 am.  A 24 year-old Anacortes man was arrested by Anacortes Police early Friday afternoon at a restaurant on Commercial Avenue. The APD had contacted the subject earlier that morning per a trespassing complaint and further investigation revealed that the man had a Department of Corrections felony warrant for Escape from Community Custody out of Mount Vernon. The subject was transported to APD and released to DOC Officers a short time later. 

Story updated Monday, July 27 to add items for July 23-24.

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