Police Beat

An Anacortes Police Sergeant stopped a speeding vehicle this week and discovered the driver had $3,000 in unpaid tickets, along with a suspended license.

Saturday, May 23

12:17 am.  An Anacortes Police Sergeant on patrol in the 1700 block of Q Avenue locked his radar on a blue Toyota Corolla traveling 42 mph in the 25 mph zone. The Sergeant contacted the vehicle in the 900 block of 34th Street and spoke with the 26 year-old Anacortes driver who stated that he was trying to catch up with someone which is why he was driving fast. The driver was unable to provide any documentation the Sergeant asked for and stated that his license was suspended. Further investigation revealed that the driver had a suspended license since January 2014 for unpaid tickets and he stated that he had $3,000 worth of tickets to pay off. He was issued a citation for Driving With a Suspended License and released at the scene.

1:18 am.  The driver of a green Ford Taurus was contacted by APD early Saturday morning in the 2100 block of 32nd Street for a badly cracked windshield. The driver, a 22 year-old Anacortes man, stated that he did not know it was illegal to have a cracked windshield and was working on getting it replaced. The driver was able to provide a Washington State driver’s license and registration, but was unable to provide proof of insurance. Further investigation revealed that the driver had a suspended license for unpaid tickets. He was taken into custody and charged with Third Degree Driving With License Suspended. He was released at the scene to a licensed driver.

11:03 pm.  Anacortes Police Officers on patrol at 11 PM on Saturday evening at the Cap Sante Lookout discovered an unoccupied Geo Prizm parked in the area outside of normal park hours, 10 PM. After a short hike on the trail, officers heard what sounded like glass breaking and soon thereafter discovered two individuals, a 20 year-old Bellingham woman, and a 20 year-old Sedro Woolley man, on the trail. Officers smelled a strong odor of intoxicants in the area and both subjects were interviewed and demonstrated signs of intoxication including slurred speech and a lack of balance. They were taken into custody and charged with Minor in Possession and released from the scene.

Sunday, May 24

11:08 am.  An Anacortes resident on the 1300 block of 17th Street contacted Police on Sunday morning to report that the driver’s window and windshield of their vehicle had been smashed sometime after midnight the previous evening. The Anacortes Police Department responded to several other malicious mischief calls on Sunday morning within a several block radius of this incident which may be related. There are no suspects in these cases.

Monday, May 25

7:55 pm.  A 56 year-old Anacortes man was taken into custody on assault charges on Monday afternoon after a verbal argument with the subject and his sister turned physical. Investigation on scene revealed that a similar incident had occurred with another occupant of the home the previous week. The subject was booked into the Skagit County Jail by Anacortes Police on two counts of Fourth Degree Assault Domestic Violence Prevention Act (DVPA).

Tuesday, May 26

4:24 am.  A resident on the 3400 block of West 3rd Street in Anacortes contacted Police early Monday morning to report that they heard a loud noise and discovered that the window in their back door had been broken. Anacortes Police Officers arrived and investigated on scene but did not locate a suspect.

9:40 am.  A local resident contacted Police on Tuesday morning to report the theft of a solar panel and antenna, valued at several thousand dollars, from the top of his RV. The items were stolen on two separate occasions even after preventative measures were taken to protect his property. There are no suspects in this case.

10:47 pm.  A 40 year-old Mount Vernon woman was taken to jail on Fourth Degree Assault Domestic Violence charges late Tuesday night after Anacortes Police responded to a call of a female screaming in a motorhome on 19th Street. Officers arrived and spoke with both occupants of the RV, a boyfriend and girlfriend, who had been involved in an argument that turned physical when the girlfriend refused to leave. The boyfriend was bleeding from a scratch on his nose and had blood on his legs and arms. The female subject was taken into custody and transported to the Skagit County Jail where she was booked on her charges.

Wednesday, May 27

11:17 pm.  An Anacortes Police Officer was dispatched to the 5500 block of Heart Lake Road for a self-reported car accident. Police arrived on scene and contacted a 34 year-old Anacortes man sitting in the passenger seat of a severely damaged Honda Civic that was sitting on the east side of the road near a damaged guardrail. The subject was moaning and holding his chest upon arrival and smelled strongly of alcohol. Initially, he told Police that he had not been driving the vehicle and did not know where the driver was. Later on, however, he admitted that he had been driving the vehicle and was charged with a DUI, then booked in the Skagit County Jail after being cleared by a doctor at the hospital.  

Thursday, May 28

4:56 am.  An employee of an Anacortes business on the 7600 block of SR 20 contacted police on Thursday morning to report that the front door had been pried open and an undisclosed amount of cash had been removed from the premises. An Anacortes Police Officer responded to process the scene and interview the reporting party. There are no suspects in this incident.

12:54 pm.  About noon on Thursday, an Anacortes Police Officer on patrol contacted a 28 year-old Sedro Woolley woman driving a vehicle with a non-functioning rear brake light. The traffic stop was made in the 900 block of 24th Street and the driver immediately stated that she did not have a license. Investigation on scene revealed that it had been suspended since May 2013 for unpaid tickets. She was taken into custody and charged with Driving With License Suspended. She was informed of her mandatory court date and promised to appear. There was also a 39 year-old male passenger in the vehicle who was determined to have a misdemeanor warrant out of Anacortes Municipal Court for Driving With License Suspended. He was taken into custody, transported to the Anacortes Police Department, and released from the scene with a new court date.

Friday, May 29

12:20 am.  An Anacortes Police Officer on patrol contacted the driver of a green Honda Accord with very loud exhaust in the 1400 block of Commercial Avenue. When informed of the reason for the stop, the 38 year-old Anacortes man driving the vehicle stated that he thought there might be a hole in the exhaust and he would work on getting it repaired. The driver was also unable to provide proof of insurance for the vehicle. The driver was determined to be operating his vehicle with a license that had been suspended since March 2015 for unpaid tickets. As a result of this discovery, he was taken into custody and issued a criminal citation for Driving With License Suspended and a traffic citation for Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Proof of Insurance. 

COVID-19 Cases in Skagit County

5,302 Confirmed Skagit Cases
460-469 Total Cases in ZIP 98221

350 Hospitalizations
74 Deaths
61,181 Fully Vaccinated
68,746 Initial Doses Given


410,195 Confirmed Cases Statewide
24,930 Hospitalizations

5,810 Deaths Statewide
3,637,611 Fully Vaccinated
4,122,446 Initial Doses Given

Updated 5:00 pm, June 17, 2021.

County Map: Confirmed COVID-19 cases by ZIP code in Skagit County. Updated weekly.

Sources: Skagit County Public Health, Washington State Department of Health, New York Times