Police Beat

A 28-year-old Pierce County woman late Thursday night led Police on a 14-mile chase through Anacortes, including out to the ferry landing and onto a ferry that was refueling, then back into town and was eventually trapped at the Cap Sante Lookout.

Shortly after 11PM Skagit 911 received a report of a possible drunk driver on SR 20 at the twin bridges.  The caller described the vehicle, gave the license number, and told the dispatcher the car was driving unsafely and was not staying in the lane of travel.  When the dispatcher ran the vehicle license through the Department of Licensing the vehicle was associated with a 28 year Pierce County woman who had been reported missing earlier in the evening. The Missing Person Alert also said that she was possible suicidal. 

Officers spotted the car as it drove onto Commercial Ave.  The officers activated their vehicle lights and then sirens but the vehicle did not stop.  The vehicle traveled at speeds within 10 mph of the posted speed limits. The vehicle continued, driving through residential and business areas without yielding.

Officers deployed spike strips and punctured two tires on the car but it continued driving on rims. Eventually the car ended up at the Washington State Ferry Dock.  The driver crashed through the barricade at the toll booth and drove on to a ferry that was in the process of refueling. The car drove over a safety boom, turned around and drove off the ferry.

Officers redeployed the spike strips again and punctured a third tire. The driver continued to drive as the now bare wheel rims began sparking against the pavement.  The vehicle traveled back to the old town area and drove to the top of Cap Sante lookout and was boxed in by police cars. 

The driver refused officers instructions to exit the vehicle, and eventually a window was breached and she was removed from the vehicle.  She was taken to Island Hospital and later to the jail. Officers are awaiting the results of a blood test to determine if drugs may have been a causing factor in the incident. No one was injured in the incident.   

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Sources: Skagit County Public Health, Washington State Department of Health, New York Times

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