Police Beat

Anacortes Police are looking for someone who has been passing fraudulent $10 bills here. Capt. Lou D’Amelio says they have received information regard six different fraudulent ten dollar bills from various businesses along Commercial Ave.

Five of the bills are in our custody, one was returned to a person at the counter of a store after a currency pen revealed that the bill was a phony. That person may or may not have known that the bill that they were trying to pass was a fake, they left the store and have not been further identified. The clerk at that store was only able to describe the person with that bill as a heavyset, Caucasian woman wearing a distinctive pink hat.

Examination of the bills that police have reveals that they are likely created on a photocopier or high end printer. The bills the police have are not identical; they have different serial numbers.

The most important thing for business owners to do is closely examine the tens that they receive. These bills are on the wrong type of paper and they do not have any of the security features of actual bills.

Therefore, a quick examination will reveal that they do not have a security thread running vertically from the top to the bottom of the bill, nor do they have a watermark that is visible when the bill is held up to a background light source.

A currency pen will also reveal these bills as fraudulent, since it is not the right type of paper.

Right now most of the bills that the police are receiving have been turned in by banks.

APD officers are anxious to get suspect information and are hopeful that business owners will alert us through 911 if a suspect tries to pass a bad bill. At the very least please hang on to the bill and call 911, even if the suspect leaves the store the bill gives us great evidence to work with in this type of case.

Anyone with questions is welcome to call Anacortes PD at 293-4684 and ask for either Capt. Lou D'Amelio or Community Services Officer Karl Wolfswinkel. Or, they could also email Lou at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I’ll be happy to assist them.

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