Police Beat

Anacortes Police cited a driver for driving under the influence, then three hours later, according to police, he found his car in a tow yard and drove off. Then, he was was cited for DUI again.

After the Police received a 911 call about a possible DUI at about 8 PM Thursday night, an Anacortes Police Officer spotted a car “driving dangerously” about 50 miles per hour in a 30 MPH zone. The driver was taken into custody and his car was towed to a local tow yard.

According to Police Capt. Lou D’Amelio, “The Anacortes officer processed the vehicle driver for DUI at the office, which resulted in two breath samples that measure approximately three times the legal limit for alcohol intoxication.” The driver was cited and released to a sober adult because the jail wouldn’t take him.

Then, shortly before 11 PM, Sheriff’s Deputies were called to the tow yard, just outside city limits, and discovered that the driver had, according to D’Amelio, gone to the tow yard and climbed the fence. “Once inside, he found the key to his vehicle and drove out right through the locked fence gate, damaging at least one other vehicle in the process.”

Sheriff’s Deputies located the vehicle a couple of miles away and asked for APD to check the driver’s home in Anacortes, where Police found him, “still highly intoxicated,” took him into custody and cited him for a second DUI, according to D’Amelio. This time, the jail accepted him.

Felony charges are being considered following consultation with the Prosecutor’s Office. His car has once again been impounded to the tow yard.

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