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Thank you to this great community for all of your cards, cookies, and chowder that showed up at the Police Department over the holidays.

There were so many of you that we are not able to individually thank you. Your kind words and support means the world to us. Thank you and Happy New Years!

Chief Bonnie W. Bowers

Here are some of the cases Anacortes Police worked on this week.

Saturday, Jan. 3

12:36 pm.  Anacortes Officers were dispatched to a fight between two adult females ages 51 and 60. Investigation on scene revealed that the 51 year-old woman entered a room and initiated the confrontation by hitting the other woman in the face and pulling her hair. A mutual fight ensued and the 51 year-old subject was subsequently charged with 4th Degree Assault at the scene as she was the aggressor.  

Sunday, Jan. 4

5:53 pm.  Anacortes Police Officers were dispatched to a residence on N Avenue per the report of an altercation between a husband and wife. The woman stated that her husband had grabbed her face, squeezed her mouth and cheeks, and yelled at her before pushing her backwards. The officers observed redness on the woman’s cheeks that seemed consistent with her report. The man admitted to grabbing the woman and was taken into custody and charged with Assault 4th Degree Domestic Violence before being transferred to the Skagit County Jail.

7:01 pm.  An 18 year-old Lynden man driving a 2002 Chevy S-10 pickup eastbound on 17th Street in Anacortes failed to stop at the stop sign at the intersection of 17th Street and O Avenue. As a result, he was struck by a late model Chrysler sedan causing over $700 of damage to both vehicles. The driver stated that he was unfamiliar with the area and did not see the stop sign. He received a traffic citation for Failure to Stop/Yield at Intersection with Accident. There were no serious injuries.

10:30 pm.  An Anacortes man was driving his Infiniti northbound on D Avenue in Anacortes and attempted to make a right turn onto 32nd Street. His vehicle lost traction and slid into the stop sign on the northeast corner of the intersection. The 26 year-old was issued a citation for Speed Too Fast for Conditions. There were no injuries.

Tuesday, Jan. 6

10:09 pm.  An Anacortes Police Officer was dispatched to the Anacortes Middle School per the report of an older pickup doing donuts in the field behind the Middle School. Another Anacortes Officer contacted the driver of an older model Chevy pickup at the intersection of 32nd Street and D Avenue per other reckless driving reports and quickly noticed mud on the rear bumper and in the wheel hub consistent with the report. The driver, an 18 year-old Anacortes man, admitted to doing donuts at the Middle School and was taken into custody and charged with Reckless Driving, Third Degree Malicious Mischief, and Driving Without Proof of Insurance. He was released from the scene.

Wednesday, Jan. 7

12:04 am.  An Anacortes Police Sergeant on patrol on the 1000 block of 12th Street observed a 1999 Dodge Ram traveling south on the 1100 block of O Avenue. The vehicle took a left hand turn even though the intersection is a right-turn only intersection. The Sergeant contacted the driver on the 1300 block of Commercial Avenue. The driver stated that he should probably disclose that his license is suspended and the license plates on his vehicle were borrowed from his roommate. The 49 year-old Sedro Woolley man was taken into custody and charged with Third Degree Driving With a Suspended License and for Switched License Plates. He was released from the scene.

2:19 am.  A 2002 Dodge Caravan pulled out in front of an Anacortes Officer on patrol at the intersection of 12th Street and F Avenue. The van was pulling away from the Officer and was paced at approximately 44 mph in a 30 mph zone and traveling back and forth within its lane ultimately crossing the fog line three times. The Officer contacted the driver on the 3000 block of Oakes Avenue and smelled a strong odor of intoxicants coming from the vehicle. The driver was unwilling to submit to voluntary roadside tests and when asked to exit the vehicle he lost his balance and had to grab the door to regain it. He was placed under arrest and was unable to walk straight when walking to the patrol car. A breath test performed at the Anacortes Police Department yielded a result of over twice the legal limit to operate a motor vehicle. The subject was issued a DUI citation and a speeding ticket. He was released from the scene to a sober adult.  

5:13 pm.  The driver of a 1990 Subaru Legacy pulled out at the 2800 block of Commercial Avenue in front of an Anacortes Police Officer driving her marked patrol vehicle causing her to hit her breaks to avoid a collision. The driver was contacted by the Officer on the 2700 block of Commercial and informed of the reason for the stop. When asked for his driver’s license, the 28 year-old Alger man said he did not have one because his license is suspended. Further investigation revealed that his license had been suspended since February 2013. The subject was taken into custody for his charges and a search of his person yielded the discovery of a plastic baggy containing several small white pills for which he had no prescription. The subject was charged with Third Degree Driving With a Suspended License and Possession of a Legend Drug Without a Prescription. He was released from the scene.

7:22 pm.  An 18 year-old Anacortes man was charged with Domestic Violence Malicious Mischief for causing approximately $100 damage to electronics at his parents’ home. The man and his parents had gotten into a verbal argument that evening which escalated to the point where the man grabbed a key fob from the ignition which broke it and then threw the device out into the street. 

COVID-19 Cases in Skagit County

4,942 Confirmed Skagit Cases
400-409 Total Cases in ZIP 98221

318 Hospitalizations
67 Deaths
44,613 Fully Vaccinated
57,198 Initial Doses Given


379,100 Confirmed Cases Statewide
22,614 Hospitalizations

5,539 Deaths Statewide
2,419,434 Fully Vaccinated
3,368,279 Initial Doses Given

Updated 6 pm, May 5, 2021.

County Map: Confirmed COVID-19 cases by ZIP code in Skagit County. Updated weekly.

Sources: Skagit County Public Health, Washington State Department of Health, New York Times