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The driver of a Jeep Cherokee was cited for reckless driving after his vehicle overturned on K Ave injuring the five occupants.

An 18-year-old Anacortes man was driving a 1996 Jeep Cherokee Sunday, Oct 19, when it overturned and caught fire on the 2000 block of K Avenue in Anacortes. Anacortes PD Officers responded to the scene to offer aid to the five occupants of the vehicle and determined what occurred in this incident. Several of the passengers sustained injury but were responsive when officers arrived. The driver was cited for Reckless Driving and taken into custody. Due to the severity of the incident, Washington State Patrol took over the investigation of the accident and Anacortes officers cleared the scene.

Here are some of the other cases Anacortes Police worked on this week.

Saturday, Oct. 18, 2014

10:33 am.  Anacortes Police Officers responded to a residence on the 1500 block of 39th Street to speak with a 41-year-old Anacortes woman who had reported that her 36-year-old ex-boyfriend had come into her house and made threatening comments. Officers spoke with both parties involved and determined that no physical assault had occurred. The male subject agreed to leave the residence with no further issues.

7:46 pm.  An Anacortes Police Officer contacted a 40-year-old Anacortes male and confirmed that he had warrants out of Anacortes Municipal Court and Skagit County District Court respectively for Use/Delivery of Drug Paraphernalia and Third Degree Driving With a Suspended License. The officer searched the subject before taking him into custody and discovered drug paraphernalia. He was transported to the police department and informed that the substance found on his person would be sent to the lab for testing. The subject was ultimately booked and released on his warrants. There are further charges pending the results of the lab work.

7:48 pm.  Anacortes officers located a male on confirmed warrants and called for backup when they recognized another male subject in the area with warrants for his arrest. The backup officer responded and took the 29-year-old Anacortes man into custody. While searching the subject for weapons or contraband, the officer discovered a pipe often used to smoke methamphetamine, as well as a small plastic baggie. The subject was transported to the APD, charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and released from custody.

Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014

9:08 pm.  An Anacortes juvenile runaway on house arrest returned home on the evening of October 19. An Anacortes Police Officer responded to the residence and confirmed that Skagit Juvenile Detention had a pick-up order for him due to his violation of a juvenile court order. The officer spoke with the subject who was sitting on the couch when he arrived. The subject was searched prior to being taken into custody and six pills of prescription medication were found on his person. The subject stated that he did not have a prescription for the pills and was transported to Skagit County Juvenile Detention and given a Juvenile Referral charging him with Possession of a Legend Drug Without Prescription.

Monday, Oct. 20, 2014

9:33 pm.  An Anacortes Police Sergeant was on patrol near the intersection of Commercial Avenue and 6th Street when he observed a blue Ford Focus traveling westbound on 6th Street without its lights on. The vehicle traveled several more blocks without lights before being stopped by the Sergeant. A 25-year-old Lake Stevens woman was the only occupant of the vehicle and stated she had “one beer” when asked how much she had to drink. She agreed to take some voluntary field sobriety tests and displayed a lack of balance and had a hard time following the Sergeant’s directions. The results of the subject’s portable breath test were almost 1.5 times the legal limit to safely operate a motor vehicle. She was taken into custody on DUI charges, transported to the Anacortes Police Department for processing, and given a courtesy transport to a local motel.

Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014

4:05 pm.  Anacortes Police responded to a residence on 9th Street per a report of a burglary that had occurred earlier in the day resulting in a loss of hundreds of dollars of electronics. The suspect gained entry into the home by punching a hole in a window. There are no suspects at this time.

Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014

11:52 am.  An Anacortes Police Officer responded to a report of a car prowl that had occurred within city limits sometime early in the morning of October 23rd. The victim reported that someone had entered his unlocked vehicle and taken approximately $1,000 worth of stereo equipment. There are no suspects.

11:51 pm.  Anacortes Police responded to the 2400 block of Commercial per the report of a sound of a single shotgun blast. Police contacted two Anacortes men—20 and 25 years-old respectively—several blocks away. The first officer on the scene recognized the two men from previous contacts and two other officers were called to the scene a short time later.  The subjects were interviewed about the blast and said they had heard the noise but it was further south on Commercial. The officers determined that the 25-year-old subject had one warrant each from Anacortes and Burlington Municipal Court. In the course of taking the suspect into custody and the Skagit County Jail, officers found methamphetamine, paraphernalia, and a small knife on a chain around the suspect’s neck. As a result, additional charges were filed for Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substance Act, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Possession of a Dangerous Weapon. 

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