Police Beat

Two Oregon residents sustained minor injuries when their motorcycle slid on Erie Mountain Drive during the Oyster Run. The road conditions at the location of the incident were damp and slick due to precipitation and vegetation on the roadway. The male driver was treated at the scene and the female passenger was transported to the hospital for minor injuries.

Here are some of the other cases Anacortes Police worked on this week.

Saturday, Sept. 27

4:14 pm. An Anacortes PD Officer was dispatched to a residence on the 1200 block of H Avenue to speak with three subjects involved in a possible domestic assault. Upon further investigation it was determined that a 32-year-old Anacortes man physically intervened when a verbal argument intensified between a 30-year-old woman and a 25-year-old man at the residence. The male victim did not want to pursue charges and the assailant left the residence per the victim's request.

Sunday, Sept. 28

6:42 am. Anacortes officers impounded 10 vehicles on the 1000 block of 10th Street that were parked adjacent to signs clearly marked "no parking" for the Oyster Run event. Officers attempted to contact the owners of the vehicles and dozens of other illegally parked vehicles were successfully removed as a result of these contacts.

12:53 pm. A long-term care facility called police to report an 89-year-old resident that had walked off the premises and they were worried about him. An Anacortes PD officer located him on 24th Street and provided a courtesy transport back to the facility where he was staying. The subject stated that he was trying to find his way back to the facility but got lost.

Monday, Sept. 29

1:21 am. Anacortes Police arrested a 26-year-old Anacortes man who had four warrants for his arrest. An Anacortes PD officer identified a silver Hyundai coupe that matched the description of the vehicle associated with the suspect and initiated a traffic stop at Sharpes Corner. The suspect initially stated that they had the wrong person, but soon thereafter confirmed that he was the suspect they were looking for. Booked into the Skagit County Jail for his warrants.

8:38 am. An officer spoke with the victim of a vehicle prowl at a ferry terminal on 6th Street. The vehicle's passenger window had been broken sometime between September 26th and the time she reported the incident. There was no other damage to the victim's or surrounding vehicles in the area. There are no suspects.

4:22 pm. A 25-year-old La Conner woman was arrested for the theft of approximately $250 worth of goods from a business on the 1500 block of Commercial. The woman was booked and released after the Anacortes PD Officer issued a criminal citation for Theft and a criminal trespass from the store.

9:25 am. An Anacortes Police Officer responded to an unauthorized campsite at the Cap Sante Lookout. The reporting parties were accompanied by the officer to dismantle the camp and its inhabitants. Further investigation revealed that the 41-year-old Anacortes female at the camp had been removed from the area on an earlier date and she was subsequently charged with Criminal Trespassing and released.

Wednesday, Oct. 1

7:25 pm. Anacortes Police Officers responded to a residence on 18th Street after a woman discovered that her boyfriend and his son, who had been drinking that evening, were fighting. Upon further investigation, the officers discovered that the 22-year-old male suspect had pushed his 54-year-old father to the ground and was holding him by the neck after a verbal altercation about the son not doing the dishes. The suspect was taken into custody and booked at the Skagit County Jail for charges of Assault 4th Degree Domestic Violence.

11:36 pm. An Anacortes man reported his white electric motorcycle stolen sometime between 8:30 PM and 11:30 PM on October 1st. On October 2nd, officers responded to a call from a local business owner who discovered the motorcycle intact behind his store. There are no suspects.

Thursday, Oct 2

2:10 am. An Anacortes Police Officer awakened a 20-year-old Anacortes man who was found slumped over the steering wheel of his green Nissan sedan. The vehicle was parked in a commercial parking lot on 12th Street. The man initially responded to the officer's questions with gibberish and attempted to hand the officer cash from his wallet when prompted to provide his driver's license. The officer noticed a beer can in the console of the vehicle and asked the suspect to hand him the can. The suspect handed the officer the half-full can of beer, which was still cold to the touch. When asked if he had been drinking, the suspect said 'no' and he declined the officer's offer to submit to a Portable Breathalyzer Test to prove that he had not been drinking. When asked to get out of the car, the man stood up and was swaying. The officer also noticed that his eyes were watery and blood shot. A slight odor of intoxicants was coming from his breath and he was placed into custody for charges of a Minor in Possession. The officer read him his Miranda rights, searched him, and found two glass pipes used for smoking marijuana, a baggie of marijuana, and various drug paraphernalia including a piece of tinfoil with streaks of burnt heroin. As a result of these findings, the man was also charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Possession of Marijuana. The officer then provided a courtesy transport to his home within the Anacortes city limits.

6:55 pm. A 61-year-old Anacortes woman called police when she and her landlord got into a verbal dispute because she had not paid her rent. Police interviewed the woman and her landlord and determined that nothing physical had occurred. The landlord was advised on how to being the eviction process and both parties were told to stay in separate areas of the residence to avoid further confrontation.

11:08 pm. An Anacortes man reported that a male had entered a gas station on Commercial Avenue wearing a mask. A police officer contacted an employee at the store who stated that there were no issues.

Friday, Oct. 3

7:11 am. A car driven by a 49-year-old Anacortes woman sustained damage when she drove over a 2x6 in the roadway on SR 20. An officer responded and removed two 2x6 boards from the roadway to prevent further issues. The woman was not injured in the incident.

COVID-19 Cases in Skagit County

4,942 Confirmed Skagit Cases
400-409 Total Cases in ZIP 98221

318 Hospitalizations
67 Deaths
44,613 Fully Vaccinated
57,198 Initial Doses Given


379,100 Confirmed Cases Statewide
22,614 Hospitalizations

5,539 Deaths Statewide
2,419,434 Fully Vaccinated
3,368,279 Initial Doses Given

Updated 6 pm, May 5, 2021.

County Map: Confirmed COVID-19 cases by ZIP code in Skagit County. Updated weekly.

Sources: Skagit County Public Health, Washington State Department of Health, New York Times