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The City Council wants the state Transportation Department to keep pedestrians and bicycles in mind as it plans highway improvements at Sharpe’s Corner.  

The Council Monday approved a resolution which says “The City Council encourages full funding of pedestrian and bicycle facilities and urges WSDOT to make every effort to keep this a high priority.”

The resolution was the result of work by a small group of local residents becoming increasingly concerned about the inability for pedestrians to cross Highway 20 at any of the intersections in the March Point area. Recent changes have also made it difficult for bicyclists to cross Highway 20.

The latest information on the state’s Web site about Sharpe’s Corner improvements seems to suggest no early solution to problems for pedestrians or bicyclists.

WSDOT is planning a bike and pedestrian trail along the golf course between Sharpe’s Corner and Christianson Road. WSDOT estimates the cost at $650,000 and says funding is ‘tight” for the project.

The WSDOT Sharpe’s Corner Web site says “If necessary, the trail portion will be left out until further funding can be made available.”  But, WSDOT says they have applied for a grant to help pay for the cost of the trail. Still, no plan for getting pedestrians across Highway 20, though.

In introducing the resolution, Council member Cynthia Richardson urged a strong statement supporting non-motorized transportation, saying “If we don’t get this out, it might get swept under the rug.”

Copies of the resolution will be sent to the state Department of Transportation as well as members of the state legislature. Get a copy of the resolution here (pdf) .

WSDOT has secheduled what they're calling an open house for the public to review plans for the Sharpe's Corner intersection. The meeting is September 25, from 4:30-7:30pm at Anacortes Middle School. Get more information at the WSDOT Sharpe's Corner project Web site.

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