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The School Board Thursday night approved a trim $28.5 million budget that includes keeping $1.4 million in reserve. The budget anticipates anticipates a revenue shortfall of about $350,000.

The School Board's approval came after what was scheduled to be a public hearing, but Board chair Carol Pyke never actually opened the public hearing. She skipped right past it. In any case, no one appeared to be there to testify.

The budget includes a number of staff cuts which total around 15 staff. Those cuts were actually made at the end of the last school year. Some cuts are due to smaller kindergarten enrollment, which will result in just one kindergarten class at Island View Elementary School.

And, the budget includes higher fees for education enrichment, athletics, facility charges and food service.

School District Business and Finance Director Lisa Matthews outlined several risk factors:

  • Uncertain school enrollment - some income based on enrollment won’t be determined until later in the year.
  • Fuel Costs - the district is budgeting for a 10% increase here.
  • Food Costs - the district is budgeting for a 15% increase in food costs.

Matthews said there is $579,000 available for capital projects, which will probably be spent replacing roofs at two schools.

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