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City launches ride share contest


The City is launching a ride share contest in an effort to get Anacortes residents to save energy. The prize? Tell the city where to spend $1,000. 

“Auto Magic” is the city’s new competition for everyone who takes the bus, walks, bikes or shares a ride and who wants to have a bit of fun. The idea is to track just how many miles contestants don’t drive by keeping a log of “miles not driven” from now until the end of this year.

There are two tracks for the contest, one for commuters who will really stack up the miles and one for non-commuters who may only share the ride once or twice a week.

Each participant is to register as part of a group, which could be any organization, like a church, a PTA or quilters group. And, participants can only register once.

The organization with the most logged miles at the end of the year, from each of the two tracks will win the right to tell the City where to spend $1,000. Since the City’s talking public money, there are some restrictions. The money needs to be spend on City facilities like the library, museum, parks, streets or sidewalks.

For more information, contact City Council Member Erica Pickett at 293-6264. Download and print the log sheet.