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The Adventuress, the 95-year old schooner that ran aground yesterday, is safe in Friday Harbor. The sailboat was floated yesterday afternoon after a harrowing few hours on the rocks between Orcas Island and Shaw Island. 

The Coast Guard has launched in inquiry to determine just what happened. Two Washington State Ferries were diverted to the scene and launched lifeboats. About 20 people were taken off the Adventuress while some crew worked to stabilize the vessel.

Captain Richard Rodriques of the Vessel Assist boat Bitter End said his first call came in about 10 minutes before noon. "Knowing the vessel and state of the tide, I made our best speed of about 25kts, (against the current) and arrived on scene about 12:12."

Rodrigues said in his blog, “Upon arriving I took a halyard from the main mast to put a stain on the boat. About 12 minutes later, my partner, Capt. Bill West aboard Salvation arrived and took a halyard from the fore mast.“ He added “both rescue boats at that point could not make the halyard pull work. We called for back up.”

He said a diver determined there was no damage to the hull. Then around 4:30, as the tide was rising, the Adventuress came off  Bell Rock. The boat sailed to Friday Harbor for an additional underwater inspection. The Adventuress was expected to be hauled out at Port Townsend sometime today.

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