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Vandalism, graffiti, and stolen property is taxing the district’s already limited resources, in what appears to be related to a current TikTok trend encouraging vandalism on school property. 

“We are dealing with stolen soap and sanitizer dispensers, broken locks, graffiti, and more,” said Maintenance Supervisor Andy Wilken. “This is a drain on our staff who are already stretched thin, and a drain on our limited resources.” 

Both high school and middle school staff have reported incidents. Anyone caught vandalizing school property will face discipline according to the district’s discipline policy. 

The district encourages both families and students to take steps to discourage this behavior. 

Tips for families & students:  

  • Talk with your students and remind them that this is illegal behavior, and not to be tolerated. 
  • Students can encourage their friends not to engage in this behavior. 
  • Take part in positive social-media challenges: raising awareness for non-profits; fundraising for local organizations.  
  • Write thank you notes to our custodial and maintenance staff. 

“We hope these are limited incidents and that focused attention, education, and discipline will make them stop,” said Superintendent Justin Irish. 

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