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Mayor Gere will give an overview of major projects and accomplishments of 2020 and highlight what the City can look forward to in 2021 in her virtual State of the City address on Feb. 23.

In the announcement, the Mayor says in 2020, we faced a public health and economic crisis. Our community, like many communities in Washington, and across the world have changed the way we go to work, do business, and live our lives. The City is committed to the health of its citizens and will focus on economic recovery efforts in 2021. The work we do at the City is the foundation that supports the quality of life that residents experience every day. 

The City is served by a dedicated, community-focused City Council and staff whose experiences and commitment help make Anacortes a unique and dynamic city.  The City is actively working on projects and programs that contribute toward the City’s betterment. This virtual State of the City event will celebrate the City’s strengths and elaborate on the innovative programs and projects that contribute to our quality of life. In 2021, the City will continue its commitment to building a sustainable, vibrant, and inclusive community.

The State of the City address can be viewed on February 23rd at 4:00 p.m. on Channel 10 and on the City’s website via the City of Anacortes YouTube Channel

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