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The Anacortes School District, which recently decided to cancel its preschool program for kids 3-5, is looking to lease the classroom to another entity for the same purpose.

The District is issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) to lease space at the Whitney Early Childhood Education Center with a preference given to programming that supports early learning for children ages 3-5.

Earlier this spring, the district made the difficult decision to end its district-run, tuition-based preschool program due to budget constraints. Since that time, several groups have shown interest in taking over the program.

The District asks that whoever the provider is, that they reserve 10 program spaces (five morning and five in the afternoon) for ASD students with special needs enrolled in preschool through the District. These students will attend tuition-free and the District will be permitted to provide the specially designed instruction and have Anacortes staff present to provide these services within the provider’s program. The District will be responsible for the provision of the special education services.

“The RFP process allows us to fairly evaluate all proposals and choose the one that makes the most fiscal sense for the district and best serves our future students,” said Superintendent Mark Wenzel.

The complete RFP is posted on the district’s website.

Proposals are due by noon on Thursday, May 30, addressed to: Anacortes School District, Attention Fran McCarthy, 2200 M Avenue, Anacortes, WA 98221.

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