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Island Hospital is implementing a new electronic medical-record (EMR) system that will be operational beginning May 1.

When patients register for any service on or after May 1, staff will be diligently reviewing medical-record information with each client, which may take a bit longer.

All Island Hospital and clinics patient information will need to be checked for accuracy as is transferred into the new EMR at their next visit. This needs to be done even if you’re already an established Island Hospital or clinic patient, or if you’re registering for a service you’re currently utilizing (cardiac rehabilitation, physical therapy, etc.).

“While it may take longer at your initial hospital or clinic visit,” notes Robert Prins, MD, Island Hospital chief medical officer, “subsequent visits will be much quicker with the new EMR.”

For those registering for a hospital service, patient-access department staff will need approximately 10 minutes more to set up each patient and input personal information into the new system.

Registering at your next clinic visit will take a bit more time as staff will need to carefully check all information that has been imported. In addition, clinic staff will take a photo of each patient to be part of the new medical record. The first post-May 1 visit with the provider will also take longer as they will be ensuring your personal information (such as allergies) is absolutely correct.

“We understand that time is valuable to everyone and we are working to make this process move as quickly as possible,” said John Mathis MD, Island Hospital chief medical information officer. “Care must be taken to ensure we set up each patient’s new record as accurately as possible. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we go through this initial process.”

The new EMR spans all Island Hospital and clinic services, so each patient has one record for all services located here. Therefore, this process will not need to be repeated and eliminates the need to fill out duplicate forms at each point of service (as is the current practice).

The new EMR offers numerous benefits to patients for the long term, including

  • Better, more-accurate recording of patient info.
  • All services utilize the same system and your information will be available for any type of visit to an IH patient-care department.
  • Streamlined and standardized for patient convenience, no need to sign similar forms from clinic, to specialty care, to IH services.
  • Better information advances patient safety.
  • Your information continues to be secure.

Once you are in the system and through your first provider visit, ensuing visits will be much more efficient. Your medical record will be comprehensive and include your information from all hospital services including clinics, rehabilitation and others.

COVID-19 Cases in Skagit County

5,075 Confirmed Skagit Cases
430-439 Total Cases in ZIP 98221

326 Hospitalizations
72 Deaths
49,057 Fully Vaccinated
59,732 Initial Doses Given


389,882 Confirmed Cases Statewide
23,187 Hospitalizations

5,622 Deaths Statewide
2,757,234 Fully Vaccinated
3,562,750 Initial Doses Given

Updated 7 pm, May 15, 2021.

County Map: Confirmed COVID-19 cases by ZIP code in Skagit County. Updated weekly.

Sources: Skagit County Public Health, Washington State Department of Health, New York Times

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