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2017 1219 Pickett Gere

On her last meeting as a City Council Member, Erica Pickett was honored by the Mayor and the rest of the Council this week for her 34 years of public service.

The City Council voted to name a small pocket park between 21st and 22nd streets on the east side of Commercial Ave as Pickett Park.

In a statement at the end of Monday's Council meeting, Mayor Gere said that, "As a council member, Pickett has always looked out for citizens and the best use of our resources. Her common-sense approach is something I will miss."

Council Member Erica Pickett began her volunteer career in 1983 when she was appointed to the Forest Advisory Board until 1998. Ms. Pickett was appointed to the Planning Commission in 1984 and continued serving on the Planning Commission until she was elected to City Council in 2006.

The resolution naming the park said:

WHEREAS, Erica Pickett has served on the City of Anacortes Planning Commission and City Council for untold years, and
WHEREAS, Erica Pickett has been a long-time supporter of commercial business district pedestrian related improvements, and
WHEREAS, Erica Pickett has also supported the Parks and Forestlands throughout the years, and
WHEREAS, the City of Anacortes is developing a pocket park between 21st and 22nd Streets off of Commercial Avenue that does not have a name,
NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Anacortes City Council that the park between 21st and 22nd Streets off of Commercial Avenue be named “Pickett Park”.

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