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Anacortes students ranked first among 32 districts in northwest Washington based on a composite score of the percentage of students meeting standard on state assessments across grade levels and subject areas last spring.

Anacortes led the pack with a score of 70, followed by Lake Stevens (68.5) and Stanwood Camano (67.6).

On specific tests, Anacortes students ranked first in the region in fifth grade math, eighth grade math and sixth grade English. They ranked second in eighth grade English and eighth grade science.
The ranking was based on data recently released by the state superintendent’s office.

“We are really proud of these results,” said school board president Bobbilyn Hogge, who joined board members Erin Rieger, Karl Yost, Bill Shaw and Marilyn Hanesworth in reviewing the data at the September 14 school board meeting. “They are the direct result of quality instruction across our classrooms, as well as strong leadership at the district and school level. Everyone has been working incredibly hard to support our students, and these results show that it’s paying off.”

Superintendent Mark Wenzel said the results are just one measure of success.

“We definitely want to celebrate this achievement because the state standards are rigorous, and these scores show more students learning at higher levels,” he said.

“At the same time, we continue to have significant achievement gaps in our district, and we are committed to lifting up students who need more support to meet the standards and eventually graduate. Our staff is 100 percent committed to closing those gaps.”

Wenzel also spoke of the importance of creating a system not just focused on test scores, but emphasizing the whole child.

“A big part of our strategic plan is about social emotional learning, character, citizenship, creativity and a well-rounded education,” he said. “Our academic success is great, but we don’t want to limit ourselves to excelling solely in academics. As we know, having a successful life is much more than that.”

The state assessed students in spring 2017 in grades 3-8 math and English, grades 5 and 8 science, and high school English, math and biology.

Full test results are available at: 

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