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2017 0320 school sign 900

Police Chief Bonnie Bowers is reminding Anacortes motorists to watch out for children in school zones, despite a change in school zone signs.

In an email on Monday, Bowers said, "Late last week, person(s) unknown covered up the bottom of the school zone signs in Anacortes. The words covered up were, “between 7am to 4pm”. Under Anacortes municipal code, school zone hours are between 7am and 4pm. There has been a lot of confusion this school year because of the malfunctioning school zone lights."

Bowers said that nothing has changed.

"The Anacortes Police Department enforces school zone speed limits between the hours of 7AM and 4PM. Our goal is pedestrian safety, so regardless of the time of day, or flashing lights, watch for our children crossing streets on their way to and from school," Bowers said.

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