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The City Council has voted in favor of lowering the speed limit on the 40-mile per hour section of Oakes Ave. to 30 miles per hour.

The Council vote Monday night was a request of thes tate because Oakes Ave. is a state highway.

City Public Works Director Fred Buckenmeyer said that section of Oakes is taking on a different character. “It’s becoming more urban and residential and less of a speedway to get to the ferry.”

Buckenmeyer told the Council that at 40 mph, it takes about 2.3 minutes to drive the 1.55 miles section of Oakes and that with a lowered speed limit, it would take 3.1 minutes or about 46.5 seconds longer.

Pedestrian safety is a concern at 40 mph, with a better survival rate for pedestrians hit at 30 mph compared with 40 mph.

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Buckenmeyer suggested that it might not be easy to convince the state Transportation Department to make the speed limit change, but thought it would be worth trying.

Council member Liz Lovelett suggested that the state may make the change during road repairs currently set for 2017.

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