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The city is planning to move to a two-yer budget cycle, starting next year, something some City Council think could save time in the second year of each cycle.

City Council member Ryan Walters suggested that, rather than saving time, he said the reason he likes the plan is to spend more time working on the budget.

But, Council member Erica Pickett said, “Here, I thought it was going to save time. If it’s going to take more time, I’m not sure I’m for it at all.”

Another Council member, Liz Lovelett, said that by “front-loading” the budget, “we’ll have more time the second year for legislative concerns.”

City Finance Director Steve Hoglund said the two-year budget process will, “look much different than our current process. It will take longer, but not twice as long.” He said he would have a budget calendar available for the Council within the next four weeks.

The Council approved the biennial budget proposal.

COVID-19 Cases in Skagit County

3,677 Confirmed Skagit Cases
327 Cases in ZIP 98221

224 Hospitalizations
47 Deaths

285,187 Confirmed Cases Statewide
17,037 Hospitalizations

4,114 Deaths Statewide

Updated 7:00 pm January 22, 2021.

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County Map: Confirmed COVID-19 cases by ZIP code in Skagit County. Updated weekly.

Sources: Skagit County Public Health, Washington State Department of Health, New York Times

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