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2015 1028 storvik park 1

The city and state are finalizing an agreement that for the state grant of $335,000 for a new spray pad and restroom at Storvik Park.

The city Parks & Recreation Department will install a spray pad with theme of “Marine Adventure” as well as a new restroom that will include 3 stalls, updated amenities, a changing area bench and storage for parks supplies.

2015 1028 storvik park 3

The current aging restroom (4 in the photo, below) will be torn down and a current play structure (3 in the photo) will be removed. The existing playground (1 in the photo) will remain, as well as the existing picnic area (2 in the photo). 

2015 1028 storvik park 2

The total project budget is $682,500, the matching grant the city received is $335,000, the fundraising goal is now $180,000 and about $66,230 has been received. The source for the rest of the match will come from the Real Estate Excise Tax $100,000 and the remaining $67,500 will come out of impact fees.

In a memo to the City Council, the Parks Dept. said once the grant agreement is signed, the city will move foward and hire an engineer to develop the contract plans.

Before deciding on Storvik for the spray pad, Parks staff look at a few other parks, but decided on Storvik because it’s in the center of town, on a bus route and many residents can walk to the park.

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