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2015 0131 sculpture2The city’s decision to remove a tree that apparently blocked the view of the Aerie sculpture in the roundabout on Commercial Ave. has drawn some sharp criticism online.

Landscaping for the roundabout was planned without any thought about a sculpture. Later the Anacortes Arts Commission called for proposals from artists. When the sculpture was finally installed last January, the tree, shown in the background in this photo, had already grown tall and was lacking foliage.

Since the tree was removed last week, criticism has poured out on Facebook. Here are some highlights:

  • Eileen Eimermann: A living tree is killed to provide a better view of a metal tree? What is wrong with this picture?
  • Anita Garcia-Holzemer: I actually liked the fact that the tree kind of softened the look of the stark metal. I'm not a big fan of the sculpture itself.
  • Eddie Murdock: Seafarers memorial park would have been a good spot, or Wa Park. I mean if someone really enjoyed it, they will drive around the roundy a few more times to have to enjoy it. lol
  • Gary Storme: I too am upset that the tree was cut down. Now you have to see that stupid "Pick-up Stick" thingy when coming into town. I was glad to see the trees leaf out to hide that thing called "art." I wonder how many people drive into or leave town and and say to themselves "I wonder what heck that thing is suposed to be?".
  • Pamela Robicheaux: I like the sculpture and the trees but now we can enjoy the art without craning the neck to see as you pass by:-)
  • Greg Bishop: Put the tree back so I don't have to look at the scrap metal
  • Kathleen Hay: My husband and I both thought the tree should be taken down. Especially when you're leaving town, the sculpture looked like an afterthought, not a plan.

City Parks Director Gary Robinson told the Anacortes American that the tree was too big to cost-effectively remove and replant somewhere else. He added that the city thought the effort was beyond what was reasonable.

Photo: Steve Berentson

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