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Mayor Gere says the recently-passed 2-year state Transportation budget includes funding for extending the Guemes Channel Trail and improvements at Sharpes Corner, where the state has been planning a roundabout to replace the traffic signals.

This funding will help with the planning, design, and construction of both projects.

These long-term collaborative efforts to fund two popular projects have many stakeholders including Mayor Laurie Gere, City Council members, Community leaders, Representatives Lytton and Morris, Senator Ranker, the Bike Alliance of Washington and the Anacortes Parks Foundation, and involved countless committee hours and planning efforts of supporters in Anacortes and Skagit County.

Representative Lytton had the following comment regarding the Guemes Channel Trail:

“The completion of the Guemes Channel Trail is incredibly important to the community,” said Rep. Lytton. “This funding ensures that current and future Washingtonians will have the opportunity to enjoy the trail’s spectacular views. My thanks to everyone for working in close partnership and making this dream a reality. “

Mayor Laurie Gere had the following comment regarding both projects:

“The City of Anacortes thanks Representatives Lytton, and Morris and Senator Ranker. The funding for the trail provides non-motorized transportation for Anacortes and San Juan County as well as all of our visitors locally, nationally and internationally. We also thank our legislative Partners for funding Sharpe’s corner which is so important to our regional Transportation system for all of Skagit, San Juan and Island County. This will provide safety and adequate access on Highway 20. “

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