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The Guemes Island Ferry was scheduled for sea trials Wednesday with a return to service on Friday, but…sea trials have been moved to Friday.

It is anticipated that the M/V Guemes will return to service by Saturday. An exact time is unknown at this point.

Passenger service will continue to be provided by Arrow Launch Services. Skagit Transit will provide shuttle service on Guemes Island until such time the car ferry returns.

Ferry Manager Rachael Rowe said, “We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause; Skagit County realizes this extended outage has been challenging for everyone.”

The expiration date on punch cards will be extended an additional two weeks for all car and driver punch cards. This means that all punch cards purchased prior to October 25, 2014, and stamped with an expiration date of September 24 or later, will have a 45-day extension on the expiration date.

Rowe added, “Our top priority is getting the M/V Guemes back into service as soon as humanly possible. It is the intention of the Ferry Division not to return the vessel to service until all systems have been thoroughly tested and sea trials conducted to the satisfaction of the US Coast Guard.”

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