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The Guemes Island Ferry continues to get bad news. New repairs prompted by the annual maintenance for the M/V Guemes will cost $100,000 and delay the Oct. 14 return to service until Oct. 24, at the earliest.

The M/V Guemes is currently at Foss Shipyard for the haul-out and maintenance period; the vessel was originally scheduled to be out of service until October 14. During this year’s haul-out, UT (Ultrasonic Thickness) tests were performed on the hull of the vessel as well as on the main fire system piping.

For informational purposes, the United States Coast Guard allows no more than 25% wastage on steel components such as piping and hull plating. Inspection results revealed that most of the fire system piping and sea water suction piping, which is original to the vessel, has wastage that exceeds the Coast Guard’s maximum allowable amount.

As a result, the Coast Guard has mandated that all fire piping and sea water suction piping be replaced before the vessel goes back into service.

The required piping replacement will add 8-10 days to the haul-out period which was originally supposed to be 21 days (September 24 through October 14). Therefore, it is anticipated that the M/V Guemes will not return to regular service before October 24. The estimated cost of this additional work is approximately $100,000.

The UT inspection also revealed a bilge strike plate on the hull that is showing wastage that is nearing the maximum allowable amount of 25%. Skagit County has requested, and been granted, a waiver for replacement of this plate. The Coast Guard has mandated that Skagit County crop and renew this bilge plate by September 29, 2015.

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Updated March 31, 2020

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