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A new problem has cropped up at the Guemes ferry dock on Guemes Island, forcing beach landings for a few days, starting Tuesday.

Guemes Ferry Manager Capt. Rachel Rowe said that a counterweight sheave malfunction will require repair to the Guemes dock prior to the return of the M/V Guemes, which is undergoing maintenance.

A spun bearing in one of the Guemes dock counterweight sheaves could cause significant damage and, if left unattended, could potentially shut down operation of the dock all together. Culbertson Marine will remove the damaged part of the sheave and send it to a fabrication shop for re-conditioning.

During the time the machine shop is working, the Guemes Island dock will be temporarily shut down. Culbertson plans to re-install the sheave as soon as the machine shop is finished.

The landing craft Warrior will replace the Strait Arrow to facilitate beach landings on Guemes Island starting Tuesday, Oct. 7, at 6:30 a.m. In Anacortes, loading and unloading will continue to take place at the regular ferry dock. At this time, it is tentatively anticipated that the Strait Arrow will be back in service on Friday, Oct. 10.

Here are some things you should know:

  • On Guemes Island, the Warrior will be using the boat ramp for landings. The ramp is concrete; however, there is a bit of sand to negotiate. Ferry crews will be placing black mats on the sandy parts of the beach at the top of the ramp.
  • In stormy weather or adverse tides, the landing craft will not be able to operate.
  • Beach landings may be challenging for those with limited mobility.
  • Our crew is here to assist; however, we are advising that if you don't have to travel you may want stay home.
  • Some carts, particularly those with small plastic wheels, may not be the best choice for use on the beach.
  • At the Anacortes dock, there is a gap between the ramp of the Warrior and the Anacortes dock. Heavy wheelbarrows and some carts may be more difficult to load and unload.
  • When traveling on the Warrior, please pack light; your trip will be safer and much easier.

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