RadioShack here closing

Mike Sutcliffe, owner of the Anacortes RadioShack

Mike Sutcliffe, owner of the RadioShack franchise here has decided to close the store, the last remaining RadioShack in Skagit County, by May Day.

Sutcliffe told Anacortes Now that business has continued to dwindle over the years. partly because of RadioShack’s corporate bankruptcy and competition from

In a note announcing the closure, Sutcliffe said, "We have appreciated our loyal patrons for the last 30 years. We have loved our wonderful employees over the years, and hope you have appreciated their help as much as we appreciated their efforts."

The franchise store opened in 1985, selling Tandy computers and CB radios, and rode along as cordless phones, satellite TV and cell phones became commonplace. Helping people coexist with the technology in their lives has been our mission and an ongoing challenge.

Sutcliffe bought the franchise in 1990 and has had as many as 14 employees, now down to three. Sutcliffe, who is in his early 50’s, says he will dust off his engineering degree and see what’s next.

A store closing sale will run through the month of April and merchandise will initially be discounted 20 – 50 percent off.